No more beIN Sports on Playstation VUE? Worry not! Get 40% discount on Fubo TV with beIN Sports included!

Playstation VUE just lost beIN Sports, meaning that beIN Sports fans will now look for other portals and places were they can stream beIN Sports online. Look no further, Fubo TV is the answer and the solution.

No only is Fubo TV cheaper than Playstation VUE, but they also give you access to even more sports and great TV channels. And to make stuff even better, Fubo TV now has a 40% discount available for everyone who sign up using the link beneath. The normal price if you sign up for the Fubo TV Premier package is at the moment 35 USD per month, but if you sign up right now you will only have to pay around 22 USD the first two months. Isn’t that simply fantastic? And then you are ready for fun as the Premier League, the German Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1 in France will have their kick-offs in August. And let us not forget about all the World Cup qualifying matches that will be played in the coming days and weeks.

The 40% discount is only available as you use the link above, and if you just visit the Fubo TV website you will not get or find such a discount available. You should also be aware of the fact that Fubo TV is supposed to be a service available just in the United States, but if you are located abroad then you can find more information on how to get it to work right here.Fubo TV with 40% discount

fubo tv discount

Recently we have written articles on both YouTube TV and Hulu Live TV. Both services include Fox Soccer channels, NBCSN and so on, but maybe the most important channel lacking from both services is beIN Sports. That is the main reason why you should go for Fubo TV and not YouTube TV nor Hulu Live TV. And yes, Fubo TV has a seven day free trial period, so it is very easy to give it a try, and we believe that you will not regret.

We almost forgot to mention that the Fubo TV discount giving you a price of 22 USD for the first two months is only available until the end of June.

Bye bye Playstation VUE without beIN Sports

It is time to say goodbye to Playstation VUE and welcome Fubo TV instead. Any sports fanatic need access to beIN Sports, and if VUE can not give you that, then you need to look for another service. Do you agree with us on that?

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