What is Avalaunch? How does it work? Can I earn money with Avalaunch?

Have you heard about the platform named Avalaunch, running on the Avalanche blockchain, and with the website address that is https://avalaunch.app? Would you like to buy some XAVA tokens? What is the platform all about? How can you join the different projects launching on Avalaunch? In this article, we will give you an introduction to Read More

The GARI token-sale on Kucoin (Kucoin Spotlight)

Did you take part in the GARI token sale on Kucoin? Registration for the event started on January 16th in 2021 and it was finished at midnight on January 17th. If you didn’t pay attention, you probably missed out, but should you feel sorry about that? In this article, we will give you some basic Read More

How to take part in a Spotlight/Launchpad project on Kucoin? Is it worth it?

Kucoin is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange. Not only can you trade your cryptocurrencies on Kucoin, but you can also stake your tokens and be awarded for doing so, and you can invest in brand new projects through their Spotlight platform (often referred to as Launchpad on other platforms). Here you can buy tokens during Read More