Chromecast and VPN connection – how to make it work?

Google Chromecast and VPNHave you got a Google Chromecast? It is really a nice little tool to make it easy to watch stuff on your television, using your laptop or your cell phone as the controller. But, how can you use Chromecast with a VPN connection?

The problem is the following. When you setup the Chromecast you give it access to your wireless connection. You might use a VPN connection on your laptop or on your cell phone, but in the moment you decide to broadcast it to the TV using Chromecast (for example from YouTube or Netflix), the Chromecast starts its applications and the Wireless connection and runs the video directly, instead of running it through the VPN connection running on your laptop or on your cell phone. And since the wireless connection in itself is running with a VPN connection Netflix will not work, and the VPN effect will have no effect after all. But, what can be done to make Google Chromecast work with your VPN connection, which again will result in you being able to use your Chromecast to watch Netflix on your TV? Here are two options!

Use VPN and Chromecast together!

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  1. You can change the settings on your router, and make sure that all traffic going through the router will be sent through your VPN connection. This is very practical, because everything you do will be safe and protected by the VPN connection. The disadvantage however is that you do not always want to run all your Internet traffic through the VPN connection as it often slows things down. One option in that case might be to connect a second router to your already operative router, and setup router number two and the wireless network belonging to that to run all traffic using the VPN connection. In that way you will have two operative wireless networks and router, and when you want to use the VPN connection you connect to that router and that connection, and if you just want the normal connection, you connect to the other router and other wireless connection. For more information about setting up a VPN connection on a router, read the following article.
  2. The second option if you want to use your VPN connection and Chromecast together is to get hold of a program named Connectify. This is a Windows program and you will need the PRO version which will cost you about 20 USD for this to work. What you do with this program is that you manually setup a VPN connection in Windows, connect to that connection, and when this is done, you can share that connection in a new Wireless network using Connectify. Now you can connect your Chromecast to that shared Wireless network using the VPN connection of the computer, which means that you will be able to bypass geo-blocks on for example Netflix and Amazon Prime!

Those were two ways in which you can fix this and use your VPN connection together with Google Chromecast, and in that way watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or other cool stuff on your television using Chromecast and the VPNN connection together.

Hope this little instruction article has helped you. If you have questions or comments, just write!

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