Coming to HBO Now in February 2020

February will last for 29 days in February, but will HBO Now help you spend that extra day not getting bored? Here you can see a list presenting everything that is coming to HBO Now in February 2020.

Whenever I scroll through the list of what’s coming to HBO Now in a new month, I am first of all looking for the theatrical premieres. Which amazing movies will HBO Now add in this upcoming month? So, let us get started and take a look at the theatrical premieres on HBO Now in February 2020.

What's coming to HBO in February 2020?

Theatrical premieres on HBO in February 2020

  • Alita: Battle Angel, 2019 (2/1)
  • Ma, 2019 (2/8)
  • Shaft, 2019 (2/15)
  • Annabelle Comes Home, 2019 (2/22)
  • Anna, 2019 (2/29)

I have seen one of these movies, and that is Shaft. I am not really sure about how and why, but I have seen it on Netflix. I don’t understand how I actually got access to Shaft on Netflix that quickly, but I guess they sent it straight to Netflix instead of sending it to the cinema in certain countries, and that is how. If you want to watch Shaft, follow these instructions to stream it on UK Netflix.

But, I really do like Samuel L. Jackson and his humor, and Shaft is a quite funny and action-packed movie that is suitable for those in love with that kind of movie.

Alita: Battle Angel, is more of a superhero girl movie, and it has really nice graphics and drawings, and I believe it to be especially suitable for teenagers! Together with Christopher Waltz, this is a movie packed with a new superhero with some incredible skills, and giant eyes!

Ma is a thriller with Olivia Spencer. I was really surprised to check the trailer. It looks really cool as she calls herself Ma. She seems to be the coolest person in the world, but then, there is also something suspicious about her. But, what is the reality and the truth about Ma?

Annabella Comes Home is some sort of creepy movie about a family that has a hidden room packed with scary objects. One day, a girl decides to check what is in there, and that leads to a big wave of scary events.

If you want even more action after Alita, then Anna might be the ideal solution. This is a movie only for those 18 years or older. Sasha Luss plays the role of Anna, a normal woman, with some very special skills. She is violent, and she can stop and kill anyone. But, life ain’t gonna be easy all the time. She is led by Helen Mirren, and this is the movie for those who want action, violence and an interesting story in a movie.

HBO Series coming to HBO Now in February 2020

  • McMillion$, Docuseries Premiere (2/3)
  • The Teenage Psychic, Season 2 (2/3)
  • High Maintenance, Season 4 Premiere (2/7)
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Season 7 Premiere (2/17)
  • Beforeigners, Season 1 (2/18)

Besides the five movies, it should also be mentioned that the brand new series McMillion$ and Beforeigners. The first is a new documentary dealing with where the money from the McDonald’s lottery went in the 90s, while the second (Beforeigners) is a Norwegian production that deals with some very strange crime situations in the Norwegian capital.

Everything coming to HBO Now in February 2020

February 1st
Cake, 2015
Casino Royale, 1967
Casino Royale, 2006
Defending Your Life, 1991
Due Date, 2010
The Honeymooners, 2005
Hostel (Extended Version), 2006
Hostel Part II (Extended Version), 2007
In A World…, 2013
The Island, 2005
Intolerable Cruelty, 2003
Last Chance Harvey, 2009
Last Tango in Paris, 1972
The Others, 2001
Prisoners, 2013
Punch-Drunk Love, 2002
Quantum of Solace, 2008
Side Effects, 2013
The Skulls, 2000
The Skulls II, 2002
The Skulls III, 2004
The Thomas Crown Affair, 1999
Valkyrie, 2008
Voyage of the Damned, 1976
Winter’s Bone, 2010

February 6th
Storks, 2016

New HBO Now arrivals February 2020 – The Highlights

Check this clip to see clips from the highlights coming to HBO Now in February.

Do you have anything that you are going to stream on HBO Now in February 2020? Write a comment and let me know!

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