Cornelius Ruck – One of the best episodes of The Blacklist ever!

The 12th episode of The Blacklist season 7 has got to be one of my favorite The Blacklist episodes ever. It stands in strong opposition to the episode named Cape May, which was the most boring episode of The Blacklist ever.

Raymond Reddington

Cape May was episode 19 in season 3 of The Blacklist. In the episode, we follow Raymond Reddington to a lonely place in which we do not meet the task force, and it is a quite lonely episode. And guess what, in Cornelius Ruck, it feels quite similar. Raymond Reddington travels to Iceland to take part in negotiations about an art deal. They are a couple of people together, and it feels much more like a Poirot episode than a normal episode of The Blacklist. Yes, as they start dying, Raymond Reddington turns into our new superintendent, private detective, coronary, whatever… he is the ultimate guy solving the trouble and, do you know what, I loved it!

Even though this episode of The Blacklist didn’t bring us much closer to answers in big questions out there, it still turned into an amazing episode that was worth its while, all by itself. Yes, it could almost have been given us as a standalone episode in a show with no other episodes.

It was also interesting to see and hear about Raymond Reddington actually having feelings for a lady (and a lady that has feelings for Raymond). In other words, this is a spicy and fantastic episode of The Blacklist. If you haven’t seen it yet, then this is a real treat waiting for you.

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