Where to watch the Golden Globe 2020 online?

The Golden Globe 2020 was arranged in Los Angeles on January 5th in 2020. It was a delightful evening hosted by Ricky Gervais. He has received lots of praise and criticism for his introduction, so if you haven’t seen it yet, get started with it straight away. But, how and where can you watch the Read More

Should Elizabeth choose Rostova or Reddington?

The tenth episode of The Blacklist season 7 was titled Katarina Rostva. I had great expectations to the episode itself, knowing that the ninth episode ended with Elizabeth Keen pointing a gun towards Katarina Rostva. Was I satisfied with the things that actually happened in the episode? Katarina Rostova quickly got to chat with Elizabeth Read More

Orion Relocation Services – The Blacklist is getting more and more interesting!

Yesterday, I got to watch the most recent episode of The Blacklist, Orion Relocation Services. It was a blast of an episode, and finally I feel as if we are getting somewhere with the complicated story and relationships between Elizabeth Keen, Raymond Reddington, and Katarina Rostova. Based on the promo of the episode I saw Read More

Is Elizabeth Keen about to discover the true identity of her neighbor?

The most recent episode of The Blacklist is named The Hawaladar, and yesterday I got the chance to watch it on Netflix. I am very enthusiastic about this season of The Blacklist, and watching the brand new episodes is one of the highlights of the week. But, how did I feel about The Hawaladar? Was Read More