Cuckoo season 4 is here – The waiting is over!

I was very negative the first time I heard about Cuckoo. But, then I watched an episode and it all turned around. This is British humor at its very best!

Cuckoo is back

In an earlier article, we asked when the fourth season of Cuckoo will come. We knew it would come, but we did not know when. And then out of the blue, we suddenly discovered that the fourth season has landed. It was first shown on August 2nd (that is, today) on BBC Three and as of know, you can watch six episodes on BBC online (that is the full season)

I expect that the fourth season will get to Netflix as well, but I have no clue about when. It took about one year for the third season of Cuckoo to get to Netflix. If they continue in the same pattern, then we can expect the fourth season to get to Netflix next summer. But, we are allowed to hope for an earlier arrival!

Personally, I will not wait for the TV series to come to Netflix, I will watch it on the BBC website instead. If you feel the same, read my instructions on how to watch BBC outside the UK right here.

The first scene in Cuckoo season 4
The first scene in Cuckoo season 4

Are you in a hurry? I can understand you! I have a feeling that I might end up watching the full season this evening as I sit down in front of my screen.

Have you seen the fourth season of Cuckoo already? How did you like it? I would love to hear some comments from you!

2 thoughts on “Cuckoo season 4 is here – The waiting is over!

  1. Thomas Stein says:

    What a treat! The fourth season of Cuckoo delivers like always, and I have enjoyed watching it so much! It is only a pity that there are only six episodes, and who knows for how long we will have to wait for more episodes to arrive!

  2. Max says:

    I just watched the first episode. I think I had to high expectations, so I didn’t find it as amusing as the other episodes, but it might just be my expectations that caused this. Still can’t wait to watch the remaining five episodes of season 4.

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