What’s up with Cuckoo season 4? When will it come?

Since we first discovered Cuckoo on Netflix last summer we have eagerly been waiting for the fourth season. When will it come?

Cuckoo is a TV series that was released on BBC in the UK in 2012. It enjoyed great success at once and won several awards. It was then released on Netflix in 2016, and that is how we discovered the TV series. By then three seasons were released, and we ate all episodes in those seasons for breakfast. Unfortunately the seasons are very short (only 6-7 episodes), meaning that you get through them within a day or two. And then you are left like us, waiting for the fourth season to come. But, when will Cuckoo season 4 be released?

Cuckoo season 4
When will Cuckoo season 4 come to Netflix?

When is Cuckoo season 4 coming?

I have been looking for information on when the fourth season of Cuckoo will come for a long time. Wherever I look on the Internet, all I find are old articles from April 2016 confirming that BBC has ordered the production of  a fourth and a fifth season, and that recording should start early 2017. But, no more information has been made since then and nothing else can be known. Do we know anything else?

The sad truth is that we know nothing more than the rest of the Internet sites do. We are constantly out there looking for information, but so far no info has been given.

What we do know is that the main actors Greg Davies, Helen Baxendale, Tamla Kari, Tyger Drew-Honey and Taylor Lautner are all very busy, and getting them to find time at the same time for the recordings of a new season seems to be a very, very hard task. But, we really do hope that they will be able to record the new season within shortly, because there are millions of fans in the UK and on Netflix worldwide waiting for the new season to arrive. It is no wonder that we added this to the list of the best content on US Netflix at the moment.

Do you know anything more about the fourth season of Cuckoo?  Why don’t you write a comment and let me know whatever you know, and thus you can share the information with me and the rest of the Internet looking for information about the upcoming Cuckoo season!

11 thoughts on “What’s up with Cuckoo season 4? When will it come?

  1. Steve Moss says:

    Good news for all Cuckoo fans,Digital-Spy reports that filming for series 4 has started and hopefully will be shown on BBC3 by the end of 2018,can,t wait,best comedy ever shown on TV.

  2. Georgie Flighter says:

    BBC has confirmed there will be a 4th and 5th season being filmed. The 4th at the start of 2017 and the 5th alongside it.

  3. Jess says:

    I’m glad I found this post! I have been searching for information as well, but there have been no articles since 2016. I love this series so I can’t wait for the next season.

  4. Geroge says:

    Still no news on Cuckoo season 4? Is Cuckoo ever gonna return? I am starting to doubt it, after all I read somewhere that the season was to be released in 2016, but still no news nor anything else…

  5. Cuckoo Cuckoo says:

    I am looking forward so much go Cuckoo, but just like you, I do not find any more information on the Internet… speed up BBC!!! PLIZ!

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