How to download BBC iPlayer from Google Play Store? I can’t find it!

I want to download the BBC iPlayer application from Google Play Store, but I can’t find it? Where has it gone? How can I download it?

If you want to watch BBC online on your Android device then you will need to BBC iPlayer application installed on your phone or tablet. But, it can be quite hard because you will not always find it in Google Play Store. Why is it that you do not find it? The most common reason for not finding the BBC iPlayer app in Google Play Store is your geographical location. Are you located in England or somewhere else? If you are not in England then that is for sure the reason why you can not find. But, you can also be comforted by the fact that you would not be able to enjoy it anyway, as the content is only available for those in England. But, there is a way to fix both problems at the same time!

i can t find the BBC iPlayer application in Google Play Store
Why can’t I find the BBC iPlayer application in Google Play Store?

First, download BBC iPlayer and then watch BBC online abroad

To be able to download BBC iPlayer and watch the programs and live content available in the application afterward you will need to get yourself a local IP address in England. That can be done easily, and the best way is to visit the HideMyAss website by clicking the button beneath and signing up for their VPN services. This will let you connect to servers in about 200 nations worldwide, and as you connect to a server in England using HideMyAss you will get yourself a local IP address in England which is needed both to download the application and to watch BBC online afterward.


HideMyAss has a thirty-day full refund policy, so if you do not like it, then you can ask for your money back. But, we can guarantee you that you will love it!

Steps to take from here!

Now you can download the HideMyAss VPN client from Google Play Store. Once you have it downloaded simply start it, add your credentials and connect to a server in the United Kingdom. When this is done, do as follows:

  • Enter Settings – Applications – Google Play Store
  • Press Clear Data (or select Storage and then Clear Data)
  • Open Google Play Store again
  • Search for BBC iPlayer and download it.

You now have the BBC iPlayer downloaded and since you also have a UK IP address because of HideMyAss you can watch programs on demand and live streams, so have fun watching BBC from abroad! For more information on watching BBC from abroad, visit  There you will also find more troubleshooting articles and you can ask questions and read more articles. If you have further questions you can also use the comment field beneath to ask whatever should be on your heart.

These instructions might not be the best and they are also outdated. If you really want to download the BBC iPlayer application to your device, follow the instructions in this article instead.

The principles here are exactly the same as if you want to watch and download ITV Hub application from Google Play Store, meaning that you can right away download the ITV Hub application from Google Play Store and start watching ITV online.

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