How does the efficiency attribute influence your STEPN GST rewards?

Do you have a STEPN sneaker that you have leveled up? Would you like to optimize your sneaker in a way that will give you as high payouts as possible? In what way will the efficiency attribute your rewards? Is it worth adding all your level up power at efficiency, or is it worth using some for luck, comfort, and resilience as well?

Below you can see a chart that will show you how the efficiency score you have will influence your actual payout. It is important to notice that there are four lines, one for the walker, the jogger, the runner, and the trainer sneaker.

stepn efficiency

The chart above is not data confirmed by STEPN, but they are based on data drawn from thousands of users who have submitted their data after using the STEPN application. We can also confirm that the data seems to be very similar to what we have experienced personally using the STEPN application.

What can we understand based on the data above?

The vertical axis shows us how much GST you can possibly earn per energy used, while the horizontal axis shows us the current efficiency value of your sneaker.

  • If you have a walker with 30 in efficiency, you should be able to earn something like 4.60 GST per energy used.
  • If you have a jobber with 45 in efficiency, you could earn something like 6 GST per energy used.
  • A runner or trainer with 40 in efficiency should earn approximately 6 GST per energy used.

Based on this data, it is easy to understand that it is worth increasing the efficiency of your sneaker.

But, don’t forget about resilience…

In the midst of this, it is important to remember the resilience of your sneaker. You might earn a lot by adding everything to efficiency, but if you don’t add some to resilience, you will have to pay a lot in repairing fees for your sneaker.

durability loss

As you can see above, you will loss a lot of durability for every energy, unless you upgrade the resilience of your sneaker. I would say that reaching 14 in resilience is absolutely worth it, but after that, you might relax and focus on efficiency instead. Of course, that is my personal advice, but feel free to make decisions based on your own research.

Want to learn more? You can find great sneaker optimizing calculators and other useful links on our STEPN resources page.

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