Earn money and plant trees while searching the Internet – it can be done with Presearch and Ecosia!

Do you feel bad about all the plastic being thrown into the seas? Feel even worse thinking about all the trees that are cut down worldwide for us to live “better” lives? What can you do about it? If you search the web with Ecosia you can plant trees with every single search request you do. And if you use Presearch at the same time, you can earn money while planting trees. Doesn’t that sound cool?

I have written about both Presearch and Ecosia earlier here in the IP Address Guide, but have you ever thought about the combination of both? What are they all about?

What is Presearch about?

Presearch is a search extension that is installed to your browser. For every search you make you earn 0,25 PRE tokens (this is a cryptocurrency). Once you have reached a certain limit, you can withdraw what you have earned and turn it into Bitcoin or into Dollar, and you can use it to purchase products or so. And since you would search the web anyways, this is simply about getting paid to do so.

What is Ecosia about?

Everytime you search the web, you help Ecosia plant trees worldwide. All their income is used at planting trees and helping the environment worldwide. They have a very transparent economy and you can see monthly reports at their website presenting all their income and where they have spent the money. Normally they say that 50 searches make 1 tree. Can you imagine how many trees you could plant a year simply by searching with Ecosia?

How can you earn money and plant trees at the same time?

If you want to earn money and plant trees at the same time, this is what you need to do!

  • Visit the Presearch website, sign up for their tool and install the extension in your browser.
  • When you have the extension installed, go to the Presearch settings.
Click the settings icon in Presearch and get ready to plant some trees with Ecosia
Click the settings icon in Presearch and get ready to plant some trees with Ecosia
  • When you have clicked the settings Icon, select Providers.
  • Search for Ecosia and add it. You will see the Ecosia logo being added to the bar of providers.
  • Make sure to place the Ecosia icon to the left, as that will make it your default search provider.
  • You are finished and you can leave the settings window.

The next time you search in your search bar or from presearch.org you will earn PRE tokens and also search using Ecosia, meaning that you earn and you plant trees at the same time. Could it be better than that?

I am earning money with Ecosia.
Here you can see the Ecosia icon beneath the search bar at the Presearch page. It is now my default search provider.

You can now earn money surfing with Ecosia

Isn’t that simply cool! In this way, you can earn money while surfing and using Ecosia as your default browser. I am really happy about this and it feels great doing something for the environment while making money at the very same time. I am enthusiastic about this.

And it is very nice that you do not have to visit Presearch.org to place your searches, but this will also work when searching from the address bar at the top of your browser.

Have you given it a try? Are you happy about this as well? I would love to hear your thoughts and your comments!

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