How to turn off the ad-blocker in Opera for Ecosia?

Would you like to make Ecosia your default search provider in Opera, and you have just gotten started. But, Ecosia greeted you by telling that you should turn off your ad-blocker to make things even more efficient? Well, that sounds nice, but how can you disable your ad-blocker in Opera? Do you have to disable it for all sites, or can it be disabled for Ecosia only?

Yesterday, I wrote an article about how you can earn money with Presearch and plant trees with Ecosia at the same time. Today I want to tell you and help you become more efficient with Ecosia by disabling your ad-blocker in Opera.

Using Opera is very nice, and by default, they have installed an ad-blocker to protect you from annoying ads that will slow you down and take away your attention. But, when you want to plant trees with Ecosia, you will do good having the ad-blocker disabled. So, how can this be done? Do you have to uninstall the ad-blocker extension?

No need to delete your ad-blocker

You are in luck, there is no need to uninstall or remove your ad-blocker from Opera. This is what you need to do. The symbol of your ad-blocker might differ in Opera depending on which ad-blocker you use, but here is an example of what it might look like.

Disabling the ad-blocker for Ecosia in Opera
Disabling the ad-blocker for Ecosia in Opera

If you see the arrow, it is pointing towards an X icon in the Opera menu. Click this, and you will be given the chance to disable the ad-blocker for this specific site. So, the next time you visit, click this button and make sure to disable the ad-blocker on this site. After this, you will support Ecosia in a much better way every single time you decide to search the Internet using their search engine.

Sometimes the ad-blocker icon will look like a stop sign in the menu bar. If that is so, click the icon and select the turn on ads on this site from the options.

Have you succeeded? Are you joining in with millions of others search the net and planting trees at the same time? I am glad to have you join the crew!

If you need any help or have further questions, just write a comment!

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