Ecosia vs. Presearch – Which to use?

Would you like to use some other search engine than Google? Have you considered using either Ecosia or Presearch? Which one to use? Here you will find some thoughts on the matter!

Maybe you read this article without actually knowing anything special about any of the search engines. Or, it might be wrong to actually call them search engines as they both use the engines of other search engines, but they still have their own interface and use the money earned as you search through their interface in different ways.

About Presearch

Presearch is a cryptocurrency based search-engine that is under heavy development. Currently, they are giving you the search results from Google as you do your searching, but with time, their goal is to come up with their own engine. What makes this interesting is that you get paid to search. You will earn 0,25 PRE token per search you do with the engine. There is a maximum of 32 searches per day, but that means you can actually earn 8 PRE tokens per day using Presearch.

Currently, the price of 1 PRE token is 0,04 USD. If you do 32 searches in a day with Presearch, you will earn around 0,3 USD per day doing so. Now, that might not be much, but if you take into consideration the fact that you anyway do the searches, you aren’t exactly loosing any money either. It is also interesting to take into consideration the volatility of the cryptocurrency market which might easily make the value of the token double in a couple of days (or go the other way). The PRE token had its all-time high in the start of 2018. The value was then around 0,7 USD per token, meaning that you would back then have earned more than 5 USD per day searching with Presearch (if you searched 32 times a day using the engine). In other words, it might be an investment as well using Presearch as you will earn money, and even though it might feel like a little portion today, it might be worth much more sometime in the future!

Presearch vs Ecosia

Presearch is heavily customizable, and as you can see above, you can easily select where you want to search if you use Presearch in your browser. You can add and remove icons easily, and thus you can find exactly what you want using the search engine or streaming platform that you are interested in as quickly as possible.

If you customize Presearch, you can even add the chance to search with Ecosia from Presearch! That is actually quite nice!

About Ecosia

Ecosia is something completely different from Presearch. While Presearch is about you and a way of making money and earning while searching, Ecosia is about planting trees and making sure that the earth will become a better place to live. As a result, you do not earn money using Ecosia, but instead you support the Ecosia project, and their goal is to use their income to plant trees (instead of destroying them). So when Presearch gives you money for searching, Ecosia gives the money to charity instead!

You might be wondering if Ecosia is a scam or if it is actually true? Well, based on reports and also pictures and vidoes from nations in Africa in which Ecosia has been planting trees, it seems to be legit and a great way of trying to help the earth green and packed with fresh air.

The Ecosia search engine start page.
The Ecosia search engine start page.

At the start page, you can at all times see the number of trees planted by Ecosia users. This is of course based on mathematics, as they calculate with the fact that 1 tree is planted after approximately 45 searches by one user. So, if you search 45 times a day using the Ecosia engine, you will in other words kind of plant one tree a day. That is a very nice thought, isn’t it?

Ecosia claims to do as follows:

  • Ecosia is like any other search engine, with one major difference: we use our profits to plant trees.
  • Their servers run on 100% renewable energy.
  • They do not sell your data to advertisers, and they have no trackers.

In fact, if you care for the universe and the earth we live on, Ecosia is the natural search engine to use!

Should I use Presearch or Ecosia?

If you have to pick one, I would go for Ecosia. But, if you install Presearch and have it running in your browser, you can also set Ecosia as your default engine in Presearch. If you do so, you will not only plant trees, but you will also earn money with Presearch as you search. In other words, you can enjoy the profits from both the search engines! Isn’t that amazing?

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