Ethos Universal Wallet release within a few days!

Have you been waiting for the Ethos Universal Wallet for a long time? You are not alone! The waiting time is almost over as we can expect the official Wallet Release within a few days!

Ethos Universal Wallet release

We have been speaking about the Universal Wallet for Ethos for a very long time. There have been daily messages on Telegram asking “When wallet” since the group launched. What makes us know that the Universal Wallet will be released within a couple of days?

How can we know that the Universal Wallet release is at hand?

It all started with a tweet in the official Ethos channel on June 28th.

This was the tweet that made buyers go crazy, and it caused a nice pump for the Ethos token (BQX). But, then on June 29th, it was all silent. What happened to the promise from Ethos? They have been good at communicating, so what went wrong? It was radio silence from the Ethos time for a while, but then the following message was written on their Telegram channel on June 30th.

“Hey Ethos Fam, Unfortunately we were unable to make our big announcement the day after our one year anniversary, we ran into some small issues that didn’t meet our standards, which we were actually able to solve in record time, but unfortunately made us miss our deadline, although our Developers sometimes look like robots when making their long hours (44 hours in the past 48), they do need to recharge, so please give them the time to do so and we’ll be right back with the announcement after!”

But, what was the announcement about? What was the big news that they wanted to share on June 29th? It is now July 1st, and they still haven’t shared the big announcement, but they did come up with a longer writing on Reddit to clarify what’s going on. Here you can take a look at their Reddit post.

The Ethos Community Clarification post from Reddit

Dear Ethos Community,

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your continued support and engagement. We would like to clarify a few things for the community, so thank you for taking the time to read this message. On June 28th – Ethos tweeted about our Official Birthday, as well as shared a preview of a big announcement coming the following day. We know many of you were waiting in anticipation regarding that announcement and we would like to clarify, while we thank you for your patience.

The big announcement was that Ethos was planning to launch and release the Universal Wallet to the Netherlands on June 29th, 2018. The release to the Netherlands will mark the first country to participate in the Universal Wallet Global Rollout and the upcoming international release which will follow. In the process of undergoing some final pre-launch testing – the dev-team realized that there was a patch that felt necessary to deploy to ensure the highest quality of service and user experience without disruption for all upcoming Ethos Universal Wallet Users. The patch has already been deployed – and was not critical. We can say confidently and transparently that the Universal Wallet is running extremely smooth.

As we’ve shared previously, Netherlands will be the first country to receive the Ethos Universal Wallet – which will be followed by the Global Rollout to select countries to receive the Universal Wallet thereafter. We will not be offering any details or timelines at this time regarding which countries will receive the wallet when. We will announce the release to the Netherlands when it is complete and fully published.

When the Ethos Universal Wallet has been released and launched in a specific country – we will share the exciting news with our community once it is complete and published. We apologize for any inconvenience this delay has caused our community. Our team takes this all to heart – and we are here to serve the best interest of our users, our community and those who will benefit from the utilization of the Universal Wallet.

Thank you
Ethos Team”

What was the big announcement going to be?

They said it themselves in the community update that the release of the universal wallet in the Netherlands was to be the announcement. Many of us hoped that this would be the great announcement when the tweet was made on June 28th, but we couldn’t know anything for sure. But, now the Ethos crew have confirmed that the release is the announcement!

They have said it earlier that the Netherlands is to be the first country in which the wallet will be released. They confirm this again in the community update. With the patch in order, everything should be ready for the universal wallet to be released in the Netherlands, and thus we are fairly sure that it will be released within a few days. The reality is, it could be released right now, as they had it planned already on June 29th.

It is important to know, that Ethos Universal Wallet will be released in slow-motion. It will not be made available worldwide in one day, but it will take time. In an interview with Shingo Lavine that we wrote about earlier, they portrayed a release process in which they might release it in one new nation per day. We do not know anything else about the order of nations, and I guess the one-nation-a-day schedule is the “perfect” schedule, but it will most likely happen a bit slower. Except for the release of the wallet in the Netherlands, we do not know anything about which nations will follow after the Netherlands and in which order.

In other words

The release of the Ethos Universal Wallet is imminent and can/will take place sometime in the coming days. But, it will only be released in the Netherlands at first. After the release in the Netherlands, it will be rolled in other nations, maybe on a daily basis, but we do not know anything more specific about that.

Will the release pump the price of the Ethos token?

I do not really care, because the most important is the actual release of the wallet. I believe in the project long-term, so the short-term ups and downs aren’t that interesting. We can often read about buying the rumor and selling the news, and at the very moment the rumor has been spread, and the news is also given out. There might be a certain pump in the moment the official relase of the wallet in the Netherlands take place, but considering that we are in a bear-market, and that the rumor has been out there for a while, I would never risk much on this.

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