FAQ about Ethos – Universal Wallet release, Airdrops and more!

One of my favorite projects in the crypto-world is Ethos. I have been looking forward to their Universal Wallet for a long time. But, when will the Universal Wallet be released? Who will get the airdrops? Answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Ethos.

Did you know why the name of the Ethos token is BQX? If you don’t, then you are haven’t been in the crypto world for a long time. The original name of Ethos was Bitquence, and the token has kept its name, even though the name of the product has changed. The questions and answers in this article are taken from the interview with Shingo Lavine, made by Crypto Crow.

ethos universal wallet

Most people do not have 30 minutes to listen to the entire interview, so I have just taken the job of writing down some of the most important questions, and of course the answers.

The interview was made on YouTube on May 7th, so the answers origin from that date and that interview. You can find the full interview here. And, kudos to the Crypto Crow, he asked the same questions I would have in the same place!

When will the Ethos Universal Wallet be released?

The Universal Wallet will be released soon, but no date has been set. There is a big list of bugs that need to be fixed. As bugs are fixed, we also discover new bugs. But, as soon as the list of bugs has been fixed, the wallet will be released.

But, again, no final date has been given or said.

Will everyone get the Ethos Universal Wallet at the same time?

The first nation to get the Universal Wallet is the Netherlands. Ethos has a large community there, and they are very supportive, and they do not ask “when wallet” all the time. But, the plan of Ethos is to release the Universal Wallet in a new nation every day, so hopefully, it will spread out to new nations quickly after the release in the Netherlands.

When will the airdrops happen?

The airdrops will take place once the Universal Wallet has been made available to everyone. So, when someone in the Netherlands opens their Universal Wallet on day one, there will be no airdropped tokens in the wallet. There is no date or time for this yet either, but sometime in the future.

Will everyone get the same amount of tokens?

Someone has been wondering if the number of tokens you get will depend on the amount of BQX tokens owned by the person. According to Shingo they will hand out the tokens without taking the number of tokens into consideration. Everyone should get tokens randomly. This will also help make it a wonderful start-pack for those totally new to cryptocurrencies.

These were some of the most important answers from the conversation between Shingo and the Crypto Crow. If you want to listen to the entire interview, click the link at the start of the article.


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