Will Fulham or Aston Villa get the last spot in the Premier League in the 2018-19 season?

May 26th will be the day of the Champions League final in 2018 for most football fans. But, for Fulham and Aston Villa fans this will be the day fighting for the last spot in the Premier League in the 2018-19 season.

A spot in the Premier League is something all teams fight for. Aston Villa and Fulham are both teams with good seasons behind them. Fulham hasn’t played their most fantastic football in the last matches, but before that, they had a long streak of wins all the time. Aston Villa has played good football on average. They have lots of fans hoping for them to return to the Premier League again quickly, but Fulham will for sure do their uttermost to stand in their way.

aston villa vs fulham

A promotion to the Premier League isn’t only about prestige and honor and glory. It is also a matter of a lot of money. A team advancing to the Premier League will get lots of extra money to spend on new players, higher wages, and they will also play in one of the best football leagues in all of Europe. So, do not sit bored waiting for the Champions League final to start on May 26th, watch Fulham vs. Aston Villa instead (live from the Wembley Stadium).

How to watch Fulham vs. Aston Villa online?

If you want to watch the match online, the best place to watch it is on Fubo.tv. You can read more about the Fubo.tv platform in this article, and there you can also find out how to watch it all across the world (as it truly is an American service). If you have a Fubo TV subscription you can also use it to stream the entire FIFA World Cup 2018 online and lots of other goodies!

Last time they two teams played, Fulham won 2-0. Can they do it again?

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