Five gems to check out on Bibox

I have only been trading on Bibox for a couple of months, but I have already managed to fall in love with the exchange. Are you looking for some high potential cryptocurrencies to invest in that hasn’t been discovered by the big crowds yet? Here are some potential high-gainers on Bibox.

I do trading on lots of exchanges and believe me, I do not fall in love with all the exchanges I try. There are lots of exchanges I do not really like (for example HitBTC), but there was something that made me like Bibox at once. I do like the design, it is easy to use, and here comes the main aspect; it has lots of great coins available that you do not find elsewhere.

I have invested in several coins on Bibox myself, and in this article, I want to share some of those high potential coins with you. Remember that investing is always a risk, so keep that in mind before you buy tokens at Bibox (or at any other exchange).

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Five gems to buy on Bibox

BIX (Bibox token)

Did you know that so far in 2018 only two of the top 20 cryptocurrencies has increased in value since January 1st? Those tokens are Vechain and Binance coin. The Bibox token has a use-case very similar to the Binance coin, meaning that you only pay 50% of the trading fees if you pay those fees with Bix tokens. In addition, Bibox is weekly sharing 30% of the NET profit with BIX holders, meaning that if you would hold 1% of all Bix tokens (just using that to make it easier to understand), you would weekly get 1% of the 30% NET profit on Bibox. Notice that there is a total of 105,000,000 BIX tokens available at the moment, meaning that actually owning 1% of them requires you to invest a lot. But, owning 0,01% or even less could be possible.

Bix token price at the time of writing: 0,43 USD

CPC (CPChain)

This is a token that has moved under the radar, but with a great potential. They cooperate with several other coins like Metaverse, QTUM, and HPB, and they work on a blockchain that works well with IoT (Internet of Things). It is expected to be around 31 billion IoT devices in the world by 2020, and CPChain aims at being the blockchain for storing, sharing, and securing data used by such devices. We are promised information about MasterNodes for the system together with their mainnet coming up in Q3/Q4 of 2018.

At the moment CPChain stagnates a bit price-wise, but a good investor should consider this to be a perfect time for accumulating before take-off.

CPChain price at the time of writing: 0,08 USD

FSN (Fusion)

FusionFusion is one of the gems that has already enjoyed a little take-off. It has almost tripled its value compared to Ethereum in the last 2 weeks, but it still has a lot of potential. The main creator of Fusion is DJ Qian, a guy who has earlier worked with projects like Vechain, QTUM, and Tron, and he is also the founder of BitSE. The goal of Fusion is to be a crypto financial platform able to communicate and create contracts across different platforms and chains.

Even though Fusion has had a great run the last weeks, it still has a giant potential. It has a total supply of 27,000,000, which is close to nothing (in the crypto-world). So, once the crowds get to hear about Fusion and invest, the price will sky-rocket due to the very limited supply.

Fusion is supposed to have their mainnet launch in the end of Q2 2018, which will make it accelrate even faster.

Fusion price at the time of writing: 3,43 USD

ABT (ArcBlock)

ArcBlockI remember sitting up until the middle of the night wanting to take part in the ABT ICO. I transferred my Ethereum to ABT within the first 30 seconds, but that wasn’t enough, so I did not get any ABT tokens during the ICO. It was later made available on Bibox and was sold for three times the ICO price for a few days, but has since then fallen back to something quite similar to the ICO price (0,5 USD). This is a quite normal thing for ICO tokens, but that means now is the time to accumulate before the real take-off. But, what is ArcBlock about?

ArcBlock calls itself Blockchain 3.0. If you look at it that way, then Bitcoin is Blockchain 1.0, which is about storing data (that is Bitcoin). Blockchain 2.0 is about storing data and combining it with smart contracts (that is Ethereum). So, what is Blockchain 3.0 about? In Blockchain 3.0 you combine the data, with the smart contract, with cloud nodes and with several other extras developed by the ArcBlock team. Based on the giant interest during the ICO (sold out in 1 minute), followed by a crazy bear market, you can now get this token at ICO price. And I believe that as the bull market starts, ArcBlock will be one of the tokens that will run fast.

ArcBlock price at the time of writing: 0,65 USD

ACAT (Alphacat)

Would you like to earn money using a robot adviser to help you out? That is what the Alphacat system is about, as it proudly claims to be the „world’s first robot adviser marketplace focused on cryptocurrencies.” In the financial sector, alpha is often referred to meaning great returns (high profit), while CAT is the abbreviation for Computer Aided Trading. So, would you like to make great profit with the help of AI, then Alphacat might be the thing.

Alphacat prediction
An example of a tweet from Alphacat on April 10th (and let me say that, it ended up being correct)

Alphacat is not alone trying to provide trading tips against payment. Cindicator might be the most famous token of this kind, but another up and coming token like this is the Bodhi token (also available at Bibox). You can buy lots of Alphacat tokens and keep them (and hopefully the price will go up), or you can actually use your tokens to pay for the Alphacat services and get daily advises on what to trade.

At the time of writing the price of one ACAT token is 0,0053 USD, making you feel very rich. If you would invest 500 USD in this token you would end up owning almost 100,000 tokens.

Which cryptocurrency are you going to buy?

These were some recommendations on tokens I believe will have a bright future. Do you share my thoughts, or are there other gems on Bibox you would rather purchase? I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject, so please write a comment to let me know what you think.

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