Can Austria get two teams to the Europe League semi-final stage?

Austria didn’t perform well during the European Championship in football in 2016. But, this year they might do a fantastic job in the Europe League. Before tonight’s quarter-finals, Austria has two teams that might easily qualify for the semi-finals.

europe league tonightRed Bull Salzburg will play against Lazio in Salzburg tonight. After the first match, Lazio has a 4-2 victory, but that means Red Bull Salzburg only needs to score two goals, and they will have the victory. If Lazio should score one, but Red Bull Salzburg three, they will still win. Lazio is a very good team, so it won’t be easy, but it can easily happen that Red Bull Salzburg will manage to beat Lazio tonight, and thus qualify themselves for the Europe League semi-finals.

The second Austrian team playing tonight is RB Leipzig. Ops, sorry about that, because that team doesn’t come from Austria. but from Germany… so there can only be one Austrian team qualifying themselves for the Europe League semi-finals today, but if Redbull Salzburg manages to do so, that is still a fantastic job.

RasenBallsport Leipzig has a 1-0 victory in their backpack as they travel to the beautiful city of Marseilles to play. They also have a tough evening ahead of them, as Marseille is a brilliant team, with some amazing players in the squad. But, Leipzig is a brilliant team with big profiles as well, so we believe this will be a close and tough match.

If you want to see the Europe League online, read the following article. And, in approximately two months from now, it will be time for the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. Are you looking forward to it? We are, and here you can find our guide telling you how to stream the FIFA World Cup 2018 online.


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