Fox Soccer Plus coming to Fubo TV

There is little doubt about the fact that Fubo TV is one of our favorite platforms for streaming soccer online. And now it will get even better with Fox Soccer Plus joining the team!

Yesterday it was made official that from January on Fubo TV will expand greatly. They will change their current package models and will also be forced to change their prices for this reason. With this new upgrade the most important network joining Fubo TV will be Fox Soccer Plus, but in addition Fox Deportes will be added, NBC, CSN, Fox and lots of other TV stations and networks will be added. As you understand this offer will not fit into the monthly fee of 10 USD and as a consequence their monthly packages will change.

Upcoming Fubo TV packages

Here you can see an image portraying the different upcoming Fubo TV packages. Notice that there will be a giant package which is expected to be released at a 35USD per month discount price, while the other package will cost 15 USD per month. Now it is said that these are the most important of the expected packages, so there might be more to this than we currently see. But at the moment it is supposed to look like this.

Fubo TV packages
This is the way we can expect the upcoming Fubo TV packages to look!

Doesn’t this look great? We are big fans of soccer and with Fox Soccer / Fox Deportes joining the Fubo TV team we will now get access to the German Bundesliga, Europe League and Champions League on Fubo TV. Until now we have only been able to watch La Liga, Ligue 1 and Serie A, but this will mean a whole lot for soccer fans in the United States.

Also it looks as if Premier League will come to Fubo TV as well, as NBCSN do broadcast the most important Premier League matches in the United States. You will in other words get access to everything that matters in European Football if you buy the extended Fubo TV package as it will be made available.

We will of course update this article and our IP Address Guide with more information as these expected packages will be made available. Until then you can read much more about how you can access and enjoy Fubo TV all across the world in this article.

What are you looking forward to on Fubo TV?

Are you happy about these upcoming changes on Fubo TV? We are really enthusiastic about this, and it might be that the company consisting of 45 employees with about 70,000 subscribers will have to expand greatly. With these new networks added they will heavily compete with Sling TV about its viewers and we would not be surprised if Fubo TV will get an amazing boom of new subscribers this coming season. As a result theĀ  amount of employees can also be expected to boom in the upcoming year of 2017.

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