Prime Video is now available near you!

One of the greatest Christmas present you can give anyone this Christmas is a Prime Video subscription. It just arrived in your nation and you can get it for only 3 USD a month!

Amazon is getting big in the movies industry, and some of the most popular TV series worldwide are produced by Amazon. That is why lots of people have been sorry that the platform on which they could be watched (Amazon Prime) only could be reached in a few nations (UK, USA, Germany, India). But now that has changed and we are happy to tell you that Prime Video just arrived in a nation near you, or more likely, it has arrived in your present nation. There are of course a few exceptions like China, but except from that you are very likely to be able to watch Prime Video on your current location.

prime Video someone near you
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To get access to Prime Video all you need to do is to visit and sign up. If you do not have an Amazon account yet you simply create one and you will be ready to watch your favorite TV series in a few minutes from now. The first seven days after signing up are completely free, and following those seven days you can enjoy Prime Video for only 2,99USD per month for six months. Once that period is over you will return back to the standard Prime Video fee which is 5,99USD per month.

We already have an article here in our IP Address Guide telling how you can watch and access Amazon Prime (in the USA) from abroad, but for most people that will no longer be needed with Prime Video turning available worldwide.

We have of course tried this and we could watch all our favorite Amazon Original series online right away. It wasn’t hard at all, but we did get some trouble with an error message when watching non Amazon original content. Hopefully we will be able to fix that problem within shortly.

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