Get ready to trade GRAM by the end of October!

Telegram was the company behind the largest ICO as it was performed back in 2018. More than 1,7 bln was spent by investors giving the brand new cryptocurrency and chain their votes, and now it is time for the blockchain to go live and the tokens to be distributed.

Are you ready to trade GRAM tokens after the TON blockchain has gone public?
Are you ready to trade GRAM tokens after the TON blockchain has gone public?

Why do we know that trading should go live soon and that the tokens will be distributed? Unless it is distributed by October 31st, it is said that the investors should receive their money back. And I guess that is not in the interest of anyone. An email was also sent to all the early investors with the following message:

Following a successful initial testing period, TON is planned to be launched in late October.

Investors are provided with the TON Key Generation Software:

Investors will have to provide Telegram with the public key to receive their Grams by October 16th. This key will be confirmed using credentials provided in the Token Purchase Agreement.

The entire source code of TON is available at

Investors have to select validators. Neither Telegram nor the TON Foundation will serve as validators post-launch.

In other words, it seems like we are finally getting somewhere and that the distribution of the tokens is around the corner. It is also crucial to understand the power of this project. Telegram has more than 200,000,000 users worldwide, and upon launch, they will all have their own cryptocurrency wallet for the Telegram token. As a consequence, this will go mainstream at the moment it is released. That is also why people have so much faith in the token, and investors went crazy about spending their money on the Gram tokens.

What was the initial price of the GRAM token?

According to, the initial price of one GRAM token was 4 USD. There is a total supply of 5 billion tokens, whereof 44% was made available during the token sale.

How much did the GRAM token cost during its ICO?
Information about the Telegram ICO, according to This information is probably totally wrong!

If you are smart, you probably see that the numbers do not add up. If the total income of the ICO was 1,7 bln Dollars, and 44% were sold at 4 USD per piece (or 3,5 USD per token if you used QASH), the total income would still have been much higher. So, the early investors probably got the tokens at a much lower price. There are all sorts of numbers relating to the ICO price, and most sources say somewhere around one USD per token.

Let’s do some simple math to find the GRAM ICO price

If 44% of the tokens were sold, that means, 2.2 billion tokens were sold during the ICO. If the total income of the ICO was 1,700.000,000 (1,7 bln), then we can set the ICO price of the tokens to 0,77 USD per piece (on average). So, the truth is out there, and it probably should be somewhere between 0,6-1,2 USD per token (as the price of the GRAM tokens probably differed between the different investors as well).

How much will it cost once the GRAM token can be traded?

This is impossible to know. But, based on the buzz, it is very likely that it will be sold for a higher price than what the early investors spent per token. But, the demand will set the price, so if many people are looking to buy the tokens, then the price goes up. If the investors/whales want to get rid of their tokens quickly, then it might cause a dump. But, considering that the early investors were big whales with lots of money, they have earned their money by being smart. As a result, they will for sure not dump lots of tokens to the public going in a big minus.

Where to trade the GRAM tokens?

We do not know much about which exchanges will open for GRAM tokens at once, but we do know of one… Blackmoon. This is a new and not so well known exchange, but one that comes with great opportunities. We also know that its CEO has been to Russia frequently, making good friendship with the Telegram leaders a good possibility, and thus also making it an ideal place for the GRAM tokens to be traded from the first minute. They have also written about this in the following Medium post.

Blackmoon is an exchange where you can trade traditional cryptocurrencies, but it is also more than that. Here you can invest in portfolios with high risk, low risk, in stocks, in the top 10 CoinMarketCap tokens, and so much more. You can visit the Blackmoon exchange at,

If you want to be among the first to trade GRAM, it is probably wise to register for Blackmoon already, in other to have your KYC in order before the actual trading starts. If Blackmoon becomes the first exchange to actually open for GRAM trading, one should also expect a big price rise for the token of the platform itself, the BMC token. That is, of course, speculation, but do some research and trade wisely!

Besides the Blackmoon exchange, no other exchanges have said anything about the chance to trade GRAM token afters its distribution.

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