Get yourself a Jamaican IP address

Jamaican IP addressJamaica is the country of Roger Milla and lots of other cool people. If you have lived there, then you for sure fell in love with the country, and if you are currently not in Jamaica, then you probably miss it. And now you want to get a glimpse of Jamaica still, watching an online TV show or something else, but instead of enjoying the show, you get a message telling you that it is unavailable because you are outside Jamaica. What can you do to get yourself a Jamaican IP address?

For a long time it has been very hard to find a good and stable solution for those looking for a Jamaican IP address. Since it is a small country the VPN providers on the market have skipped the country as they add new servers to their lists, however that changed in the end of 2014 as HideMyAss added a Jamaican server to their list, meaning that HideMyAss customers now can connect to the server in Jamaica, which again will provide them with a Jamaican IP address. It is truly easy and all you need is a HideMyAss subscription for this to work.
IF you press the above button you will be sent to the HideMyAss website. There you will be able to sign up for one month, six months or for twelve months. Once you have signed up you download the HideMyAss client which is available for iOS, for Windows and for Android. Start the client and connect to the server in Jamaica, and in a few seconds you will find yourself connected and you will have a Jamaican IP address. All blocked sites will be open again and you will surf encrypted and safely! Enjoy!

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Do not forget that you can use the HideMyAss subscription for so much more than just getting a Jamaican IP address. Read more about all that a VPN connection can do for you here.

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