HideMyAss review (2022 version)

We originally wrote our HideMyAss review back in February 2013. Since then everything has changed, and HideMyAss has grown into a much bigger VPN provider, in fact, it is the biggest VPN provider available online at the moment. But, is it the best VPN provider?

Since we wrote our original HideMyAss review the first impression you get of HideMyAss has changed, their website. They recently had a website update, and luckily they did not try to make it so super modern, that it suddenly became hard to use. Rather the opposite. The HideMyAss website is easy to surf around on, and you can find whatever information you are looking for by using the menus, or scrolling down a bit.

HideMyAss review

Once you have surfed around, the thing that most people try to find out as soon as possible is the price information. That can be found pressing the pricing text in the menu, and once there you will find out that HideMyAss runs with the following prices (though they often do have discounts and so on, but these are the prices the way they normally look).

HideMyAss prices

  • 1-month subscription: 10,99 Euro
  • 12-month subscription: 71,88 Euro
  • 36-month subscription: 107,64 Euro

These prices are not the highest on the market, but they are not the cheapest either. You can for sure find providers with even lower prices, but they will not be much cheaper. Therefore, the important question to ask yourself is whether or not HideMyAss is the VPN provider you would like to use. If it is, then it is worth the money.

If you have signed up with HideMyAss you have a 30-day full refund policy. That is quite a lot of bandwidth, and 30 days is a lot, so that is a brilliant refund policy, so you have no reason to for signing up with HideMyAss because if you are not satisfied, you simply ask for your money back!

HideMyAss servers

HideMyAss is by far the biggest VPN provider on the market considering their amount of servers and IP addresses available. They currently have servers in more than 190 countries worldwide, all located in more than 180 different locations, and with a total of almost 1000 servers.

Since they have this great amount of servers, they can easily have lots of users connecting, without you suffering with slow speeds and other trouble. But, what are the HideMyAss speeds like? Keep on reading!

HideMyAss speeds

We have of course not been able to test all HideMyAss servers in nations worldwide, but our experience still tells us that in general, we are very satisfied. Of course, most users look for a VPN provider who will secure their connection and give them an IP address somewhere else in the world, and then the most frequent need is to get an American or a UK IP address. As a plus service HideMyAss also has virtual servers, meaning that the server is located in, for example, the Netherlands, but it will provide you with a US IP address, giving much better speeds for something in Europe, than if they actually had to connect to the server in the USA which is much further away.

Here you can find some examples of speed tests we have done with HideMyAss, and the results!

  • Before using HideMyAss: Download speed: 334 Mbps
  • Connecting to a server in Hungary (closest location): Download speed: 21,2 Mbps
  • Connecting to a server in Spain: Download speed: 126 Mbps
  • Connecting to a server in the USA: Download speed: 140 Mbps
  • Connecting to a server in Australia: Download speed: 57 Mbps

Looking at the results of the speed tests above it can be said that HideMyAss is a really fast VPN provider with some awesome servers. The Hungarian server might be the exception, but besides that, they provide really good download speeds to their users. If you want to see even more results from the speed test, click the link above to see a video of the speed test and more stats and results.

HideMyAss client

HideMyAss currently has clients available for Windows, Android, Apple, Linux, and iOS. These are easy to use and you can connect to servers all around the world within only a few mouse clicks. A new function is also the chance to add servers as favorites, making it easier to connect to your favorite nations without having to scroll the entire list showing all nations in which HideMyAss has servers.  Here you can see a little screenshot from the HideMyAss client, giving a little feeling of what it looks like as you run it in Windows.

The brand new HideMyAss application as of September 2016
A screenshot showing the HideMyAss application.

If you plan on using your VPN subscription on several devices simultaneously then that can be done with HideMyAss, who give you the chance to have five connections running at the same time with the same subscription.

Inside the application, they have also put streaming in focus, and thus they have highlighted some of their servers which are especially good for streaming. These are the best servers if you want to bypass geo-blocks and stream Netflix, BBC/ITV, and other services. However, they do not always work, but based on our tests in January 2020, HideMyAss did work with German Netflix, and with BBC and ITV in the UK.

HideMyAss has implemented functions such as a kill-switch in its application. This will make sure that you stop all your Internet activities in case the VPN connection drops. They also have a tool that will make sure that you change your location and your IP address at a set rate (for example, every 12 hours). This can be useful if you want to make your movements online even harder to track.

HideMyAss and logging

HideMyAss updated its privacy policy in May 2020. According to their new statement, they do not log any activities anymore. This is the statement from HideMyAss when it comes to logging:

As a No Log VPN, HMA does not log your exact IP address, your activity, or even precisely how much data you’re transmitting across our servers — ensuring you remain completely anonymous, even to us, when you use our service.”

HideMyAss and streaming

I have mentioned it earlier in the review, but HideMyAss is able to unblock quite a lot of streaming sites. Among the services you can watch with HideMyAss, you will find BBC and ITV in the UK, German Netflix, and lots of TV stations in countries such as Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and much more! However, compared to VPN providers such as ExpressVPN and Surfshark VPN, HideMyAss is lacking a lot when it comes to unblocking websites.

HideMyAss and torrenting

HideMyAss has quite a lot of P2P servers, and there are servers made for transferring data using Torrent programs and more. As a result, you can easily use HideMyAss for uploading and downloading files using torrent programs with HideMyAss. Their basis servers block such activities, but if you use their recommended P2P servers, this will work without trouble.

HideMyAss customer support

HideMyAss has a forum at their website which is working well, and here you can ask questions and come with suggestions. In addition, they have a live chat available at their website, meaning that if you are stuck somewhere, you can ask your question there and in most situations, you will be helped out right away. They also have a quite large library of articles on their website answering common problems, technical topics and so on.

HideMyAss review conclusion

As you might understand reading this HideMyAss review, we are very fund of HideMyAss as a VPN provider, which is provided by the UK company Privax Ltd. They do their uttermost to reach even more people and nations all the time, but at the same time, they work hard to keep their existing server park up to date and with enough IPs and good speeds for all users. They might not succeed at all times, but in general, HideMyAss works great and if you should not be satisfied, they have the best money refund policy of all VPN providers, so there is really no risk in trying HideMyAss. They are one of the fastest VPN providers on the market, so there should be no worries if you plan on purchasing a subscription to this provider.

If you want to visit their website and maybe sign up yourself, click the HideMyAss button and get started.


If you have already tried HideMyAss and maybe you agree, or maybe you disagree with our review, please write a comment with a polite tone, and let us know what is on your heart and what are your thoughts on the VPN services of HideMyAss.

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  1. John Oneal says:

    Hide My Ass doesn’t work, and their customer service reps refuse to acknowledge and refund me for their BS VPN service.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Hello William,

      yes it is possible, but it is a bit more complicated using HideMyAss on a Wii to watch Netflix. In reality you can not use a VPN provider on the Wii itself, but you can use a VPN subscription to connect your router to a VPN server, and thus all your traffic going through the router will be sent through that server, meaning that you for example will get an American IP address, and thus you can also connect your Wii to Netflix, as the traffic is routed through the router to a VPN server. You can read a more thorough answer to this question at http://netflix.fromabroad.org/can-watch-netflix-xbox-playstation-wii-abroad/

  2. Abbie jade says:

    I have an English Netflix account and currently in turkey I want to use my account here how is this possible ??

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Hello. You can use your English Netflix account in Turkey. Sign up for HideMyAss and download their client. Then you can connect to a server in the UK and you are ready to watch your UK Netflix account within seconds. It is easy, and with all restrictions and trouble in Turkey a VPN account is anyway recommended, so go for it!

    • Thomas Stein says:

      It is unbiased, in the way that we write our thoughts and do not get paid for writing a good review. We do have an affiliate relationship with them, but so we have with lots of other VPN providers, meaning that we write our honest thoughts, and leave the rest to the customers and readers and to decide which provider they prefer.

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