Getting ready for the FIFA World Cup 2018

We are still far away from the FIFA World Cup 2018, but some countries are already preparing for the event. In the last days, the last playoff matches have been played, giving Switzerland, Sweden, and Croatia the last spots from Europe in the tournament. Well, almost the last places, but not entirely. The last nation from Europe to qualified will be decided tonight as Denmark play against Ireland in Dublin.

Sweden FIFA WOrld Cup

Sweden surprised the world as they won 1-0 after two matches against Italy. None expected Sweden to win against Italy, but they were strong and disciplined, causing trouble for the Italian models, which again resulted in a loss for Italy. Can their neighbor Denmark continue the Scandinavian success story tonight?

Denmark played 0-0 against Ireland in the first match between the teams. They had some big chances but did not manage to place the ball into the net. But, as they play against Ireland tonight, they have a golden opportunity if they manage to score a goal. If Denmark manages to score one goal, Ireland will need to score two goals to win.

On the paper, Denmark seems to be the strongest team

If you look at both teams, one might say that Denmark has the strongest team. The main reason, Christan Eriksen, the fantastic midfielder, one of the biggest stars in the British Premier League this season. He is capable of changing a match all by himself, and if he gets one of those moments tonight, we believe Denmark will qualify for the FIFA World Cup in Russia in 2018 tonight. But, Ireland isn’t an easy team to play against, and if the temperature is turned on (as it normally is with Ireland), this might turn into a tough match.

We look very much forward to the FIFA World Cup in 2018. As the event draws near, we will, of course, come with information on how you can stream the FIFA World Cup 2018 online. But, before the FIFA World Cup, do not forget about the Winter Olympics that will be arranged in South Korea in February 2018.

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