Watch La La Land on Netflix in the UK and Ireland

We have not been waiting for it. We have not been looking forward to it. Still, here we are, writing an article about the arrival of La La Land on Netflix. Hopefully, you are happier about it than we are!

I remember recommending La La Land to my wife in January this year. I had read tons of fantastic reviews and noticed that the movie got 6/6 stars and awesome scores everywhere. One evening she was going to the cinema, and I said, why not watch La La Land, it is said to be fantastic! She listened to my advice and decided to watch La La Land in the cinema that night.

A few hours later she got back home again. I couldn’t believe my ears as she told me that this was one of the most boring movies she had seen in a very long time. She was tempted to sleep in the theater!

La La Land is here on Netflix

A few months later

A few months later I got the chance to watch La La Land myself. Based on the story of my wife, I did not look much forward to it. I did, however, believe that it could be great anyway. Could all the people handing out the Oscar statues be wrong?

I sat down in front of the TV, ready to watch! But, hey, what happened? I was completely bored, and it did not even take me many minutes. La La Land was incapable of catching my attention. Maybe I am one of those guys who does not like singing in movies? Not at all! I love Blues Brothers, I enjoyed Moulin Rogue, I had a good time watching Phantom of the Opera, and I love the Disney movies in which they sing all the time. But,  no, La La Land was impossible for me to enjoy.

So, that is the story of La La Land in our family. What about you and your family? Have you watched La La Land yet? Did you enjoy it?

How to watch La La Land on Netflix?

If you would like to watch La La Land on Netflix, then you need access to English or Irish Netflix. I do not know how you can get access to Irish Netflix, but I know how you can get access to English Netflix. Check out this article, in which I describe how you can get access to American, Canadian, Dutch, German and English Netflix to find out how it can be done.

Get ready for two hours of complete boredom!

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