Highlights on NBC this autumn

NBC is an American commercial broadcast television and radio network that was founded in 1926 and it is often referred to as the “Peacock Network” because of its stylized peacock logo. NBC is one of the oldest and also one of the largest American broadcast network which has multiply different shows and movies to offer. So in this article we will list some of the best series available on NBC this autumn.

There are of course many more shows to watch and maybe you miss shows like The Blacklist on this list, but this is simply our suggestions for some TV series worth watching on NBC this autumn, but feel free to write a comment if you agree, disagree or have something to say! If you want to know more about how you can watch NBC online from outside the United States, just click the link.

The best series on NBC this fall


The first series from the list is the Blindspot. Blindspot is an American crime and drama television show which was created by Martin Gerro. The first episode of the first season already premiered on NBC on 21st September 2015. The series revolves around the secrets and adventures of a mysterious tattooed woman, who lost completely all of her memories and can not remember her own identity either. Police later discovers that the tattoos are in some kind of connection with a crime that they have to solve. The main characters in the series are Jane Doe, the mysterious tattooed woman with no memories left, Special Agent Kurt Weller, who is the head of the FBI Critical Incident Response Group, Edgar Reade, who also works for FBI, Patterson, who works also for FBI and Dr. Borden, who is a psychologist and who helps Jane to get her memories back. The series got generally positive feedbacks from the critics so far.

Watch Blindspot online on NBC.com
Watch Blindspot online on NBC.com

The Player

The next one from our list is The Player. The Player is an American drama television series that was created by John Rogers and John Fox. The story of the series takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada and it revolves around a security consultant who is part of an organization of gamblers. The main characters in the series are Alex Kane, who is a security expert working in Las Vegas, he is chosen as “The Player” and he is supposed to stop major crimes, Cassandra King, who is the dealer, Cal Brown, who is a detective for Las Vegas Police Department and Mr Johnson, who is the pit boss of the organization. The Player already premiered on NBC on 24th September 2015. The series got generally negative feedback and reviews from the critics.

The Player on NBC
Watch The Player on NBC

Chicago Med

Another upcoming series on NBC is the Chicago Med. Chicago Med is a medical drama television series which was created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead. The story of the series follows the busy days and events of a hospital in Chicago. Chicago Med shows the every day struggle in the hospital through the eyes of the doctors working there. The main characters in the series are Dr. Daniel Charles, who is the head of the Psychiatry department, Sharon Goodwin, who is the head of Chicago Med, Dr. Will Halstead, who is a trauma surgeon and he is also the brother of Detective Jay Halstead, who works for Chicago P.D., April Sexton, who is an ER nurse, Dr. Connor Rhodes, who is an ER physician and so on. The series will debute on NBC on 17th November 2015 and one season will contain 13 episodes.

Coming soon to NBC - Chicago Med
Coming soon to NBC – Chicago Med

Heroes Reborn

The fourth show we want to mention is the Heroes Reborn. The Heroes Reborn is an American “event miniseries” with only 13 episodes. The show is the continuation of the other science fiction drama series on NBC, Heroes. Heroes and Heroes Reborn have the similar basic story that ordinary people discovers their special hidden abilities. Heroes Reborn has their own characters and story line independently of Heroes. The series takes place in Odessa in Texas just one year after a big terrorist attack on the city and which was blamed on the ones with the special abilities by the government so the whole story of the show revolves around those characters. The main characters of the series are Noah Bennet, who has an extraordinary gift and who has to hide from the government because of the terror attack, Luke Collins and Joanne Collins, who lost someone precious and they want revenge, Tommy Clark, who is a teenage boy trying to live a normal life but the discovery of his special ability makes it almost impossible for him to do so and so on. The series Heroes Reborn already premiered on 24th September in 2015 on NBC.

Heroes Reborn on NBC
Watch Heroes Reborn on NBC

Truth Be Told

The fifth and least the last show from our list is the Truth Be Told. Truth Be Told is an upcoming American comedy television series which was created by DJ Nash. The show will premier on Friday night on 16th October 2015 on NBC. The story of the series revolves around the life of four people, two couples, who are best friends and also neighbours. As the four friends live side by side next to each other they can not help but just talk about everything freely that you normally would never talk about, about every taboo topics from sex through race to politics. The main characters in the series are Mitch, who is a college ethics professor and who always fights for justice and desperately wants to change the part of the world where he lives, he is married to Tracy, who is an attorney and who always supports and loves her husband and their four year old daughter, Sadie, Mitch and Tracy┬┤ s best friends are Russel and Angie, who live next door, Russel is a stand-up-comic and he has no fear when it comes to talking or giving an opinion on something and his new bride, Angie, who always checks on him. The story of the series is more or less based on the life of DJ Nash.

Truth be Told online
Coming up on NBC – Truth be Told

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