How and where to watch the TV series Vienna Blood online (season 1 and season 2)?

Are you in the mood for watching a fantastic crime series online? Vienna Blood might be exactly what you are looking for, as this takes you back to the start of the 20th century in Vienna, Austria. Here we meet an investigator who is accompanied by a doctor, and together they solve brutal and special crime scenes. Does it sound a lot like Sherlock Holmes? It doesn’t only sound like Sherlock Holmes, it feels a lot like Sherlock Holmes as you actually watch it! Is that positive? Absolutely!

I bumped into Vienna Blood accidentally last week, and I was immediately excited about it. I watched the first five minutes, and the music made me think of the Sherlock Holmes movies and Guy Ritchie at once. As I have already said, that is very positive, simply because I love the Sherlock movies and TV series, and this gave me some good vibes.

Can I watch Vienna Blood online?
Dr. Max in Vienna Blood

The doctor Max Liebermann is studying and learning from Sigmund Freud. He is really eager to understand human behavior, and he is an expert at understanding human psychology and why people behave as they do. Oskar Rheinhardt is the detective, and he might not be an expert in behavior, but he has a bright mind when it comes to understanding crimes. Even though they are forced to join forces in the start, Oskar Rheinhardt quickly sees the value in the mind of Max Liebermann, and thus, they work together as equals quite quickly.

vienna blood season 2 online streaming
Here I am watching season 2 of Vienna Blood online on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

Where to watch Vienna Blood online?

Vienna Blood is a TV series that has been made in cooperation between ZDF (Germany), ORF (Austria), and BBC (England). The series will most likely air on all three channels, but so far, it can only be streamed online at BBC iPlayer in the UK. It is quite easy to access and watch Vienna Blood on BBC iPlayer in the UK (even if you live somewhere else). This is how it can be done!

If you want to watch Vienna Blood on your iOS or Android device, follow the instructions in this article to find out how you can watch BBC iPlayer on mobile devices abroad.

  • First, buy a VPN subscription to PureVPN. This is a leading and cheap VPN provider that makes ir really easy to access BBC iPlayer abroad.
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  • If you don’t like PureVPN, simply use their 31-day refund policy and get your money back!
  • After signing up with PureVPN, download their VPN application. They have applications for all the important platforms, so get the application, and install it on your device.
  • Run the PureVPN application and choose BBC from the list of popular websites under streaming mode.
  • You will now get a UK IP address that works with BBC iPlayer, and the BBC website will believe that you are located in the UK.
  • Restart your browser or open your browser in incognito mode/privacy mode.
  • Create a user at BBC iPlayer (if you haven’t done so yet).
  • Set your location to the United Kingdom, and use the following postal code: N16 1EF , N16 1DZ
  • Get ready to stream Vienna Blood online at the BBC iPlayer website.

A video showing how to watch Vienna Blood on BBC iPlayer with PureVPN?

Are you more of a visual person? Here you can see everything I have explained above in a YouTube video showing how to watch Vienna Blood online.

What do the critics say about Vienna Blood?

I might not be an official critic, but I really love this show. I love the atmosphere, the actual crime situations, the amazement at the work of the detectives as they solve almost impossible crimes, the music, the atmosphere… everything!

But, not everyone is as enthusiastic about Vienna Blood like me. At the Internet Movie Database, it currently has a 6.8/10 score based on 120 reviews. That isn’t a very good score, even though it could have been far worse as well.

The first season will consist of three episodes, and I am not sure whether we will ever be served more seasons and episodes. I would certainly hope so, but it might be that this is a limited series only.

Have you seen Vienna Blood? How did you like the episodes you have seen? Are you as happy about it as I am, or are you more of a skeptical, or maybe it annoys you that there are so many similarities between Vienna Blood and the Sherlock Holmes movies and TV series?

I would love to hear your thoughts, so write them down and let me know what is on your heart!

Vienna Blood trailer

Would you like to see even more what Vienna Blood is all about? Check the following trailer from YouTube.

It is kind of fun… I didn’t even think of the similarity before someone told me that Max is a doctor, just like Doctor Watson in the Sherlock movie. However, in the Sherlock stories, the detective is always the mastermind, while Watson simply joins in as a helper. Based on what I have seen of Vienna Blood so far, it seems to me as if Max is just as good as Oscar, and maybe even better.

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