How can I watch His Dark Materials season 2 online?

Have you been waiting for the second season of His Dark Materials? Have you seen His Dark Materials season 1 already, or are you looking for a place to stream both season 1 and season 2 online? This is a BBC production, so could there be a better place online to watch His Dark Materials season 1 and 2 online than on BBC iPlayer in the UK?

His Dark Materials is the TV series based on the book named The Golden Compass. It is a fantastic book and it is loved by both young and old. There is also a movie named The Golden Compass from 2007 featured Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, and several others. But, if you want an even more thorough and fantastic experience, watch His Dark Materials online instead.

stream his dark materials
How can I watch His Dark Materials online?

But, how can you watch this TV series online? And how to stream it on BBC iPlayer if you live outside the UK?

How to watch His Dark Materials online?

These instructions will help you stream every single episode of His Dark Materials online. If you have comments or need some help, use the comment field in the bottom of the article.

1. Register a free BBC iPlayer account

The first thing you need to do is to visit There you can create a free BBC iPlayer account. It is very important that you set your location to the UK, so use a UK ZIP code during the registration process. Here are some examples of UK ZIP codes that you can use: N16 1EF , N16 1DZ.

register a bbc account
Register a BBC account for free.

When you have registered your BBC account, you can actually give it a try at once.

2. Try to watch it on BBC iPlayer

You can already give it a try and make an attempt to stream His Dark Materials on BBC iPlayer. You can find all the available episodes of His Dark Materials on BBC iPlayer at:

his dark materials episodes
Here you can watch all the available episodes of His Dark Materials.

Here you can see all the different available episodes of the show. However, if you try to stream any of these episodes, you will most likely see an error message looking something like this.

not working at your location
BBC doesn’t work at your location.

The error message might also look something like this.

bbc abroad
The BBC content is not available in your location.

What can you do about this? Is there a way to watch the fantastic episodes of His Dark Materials on BBC iPlayer if you live outside the United Kingdom? Yes, it is possible!

3. Purchase a subscription to PureVPN

PureVPN is the name of a VPN provider that works excellently with BBC. In other words, you can enjoy encryption and security, and all the programs available in BBC iPlayer at the same time. You can also use PureVPN to watch Netflix content in 7 different countries, and to unblock several other TV networks and streaming services. To get started, visit the PureVPN website and purchase a subscription.

PureVPNwith 31-day full refund

PureVPN has a special deal available right now, so click the button above to check it out. If you purchase a subscription, but do not like it, you can always feel safe, due to their 31-day money-back guarantee. You can use one subscription on many devices at the same time, and they do not have any bandwidth limitations. They also have servers in more than 150 countries, making it one of the biggest VPN services in the world.

  • Visit the PureVPN website.
  • Purchase a subscription.
  • Download their VPN client to your device(s).
purevpn website
Purchase a PureVPN subscription.

There are lots of other VPN providers available, but 99% of them are blocked by BBC iPlayer. As a result, you will still see error messages as you try to stream content on BBC iPlayer using those, even if they provide you with a UK IP address.

4. Connect to a PureVPN server in the UK

Now it is time to open your PureVPN application. Look for a server in the United Kingdom and connect. You can see how I have done it myself using the PureVPN application for Windows.

purevpn uk server
I am connecting to a PureVPN server in the UK.

It takes a few seconds to make the connection. When it says that you are connected, all websites will believe that you are located in the United Kingdom, and you have a local IP address in the UK.

5. Visit BBC iPlayer and watch His Dark Materials online

Now it is time to visit BBC iPlayer once again. Choose which episodes to stream. Do not forget to log in with your BBC iPlayer account. You might need to restart your browser window. You are now ready to watch His Dark Materials season 1 and season 2 online.

His Dark Materials BBC
I am watching His Dark Materials online on BBC iPlayer

If you still get some error message, here are a few tips that might help you. Normally you will not receive any error messages, but sometimes, you might need to do one of the following things in order for this to work:

  • Connect to a different PureVPN server in the UK.
  • Open your browser in Incognito mode/Private mode
    • Go to BBC iPlayer again, log in with your credentials, and start to stream.

These are two different solutions that will fix error messages, if you should get any using PureVPN. But, I have just tested it myself, and I could simply open my normal browser window and watch His Dark Materials on BBC iPlayer without using any of those techniques.

Is His Dark Materials worth watching?

I recently read the Narnia chronicles, and I loved them. I then asked Google for advice on what books to read that are somewhat similar. One of the suggestions I received was to read The Golden Compass, the book on which His Dark Materials is based. And as I think about it, that has got to be very true.

This is a fantastic fairy-tale story with lots of action, bears that can talk, good people, evil people, love, family, and a fantastic Ruth Wilson playing the role of Marisa Coulter. Dafne Keen is also great in her role as Lyra, and James McAvoy is doing a good job as Lord Asriel. In other words, this is a fantastic story that will entertain both young and old. I can warmly recommend it!

Do you need help? Do you have any questions?

I have tried to make these instructions very easy to understand. I hope you have gotten all the answers you were looking for. If you still have any comments or questions, please use the comment field below and I will do my best to help you out and to reply as quickly as possible.

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