Can I try PureVPN for free? Is there a free PureVPN trial?

PureVPN is one of the most popular VPN services in the world today. They have several million customers, and it can be used to unblock Netflix, to surf securely, and to download files without having to worry from Torrent sites. But, is it possible to try PureVPN for free? Does PureVPN have a free trial Read More

Is PureVPN better than HideMyAss? A VPN comparison!

Which VPN provider deserves to get your monthly payment? Is HideMyAss a better VPN provider than PureVPN, or is the Hong Kong-based VPN provider PureVPN better than the UK based VPN provider HideMyAss? It might sound “better” with a UK-based company than a Hong Kong-based company, but is that really so? Since I have started Read More