How can I watch Overcomer on Netflix?

Overcomer is the name of a movie from 2019. A city is suffering because a factory is shut down. Lots of people lose their jobs, and others have to find some alternative activities to keep the wheels going around. In this hard situation, we meet a coach who suddenly has to work with a person he has no interest in at all.

Coach John Harrison is played by Alex Kendrick. This is a person you might remember as one of the Kendrick Brothers, and together they have created several awesome movies with great values, like War Room, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and some more. Their newest movie is Overcomer, and it has just become available on Netflix.

Watch Overcomer on Netflix

How and where to watch Overcomer on Netflix?

You can watch Overcomer on Netflix in Thailand and Singapore at the moment. It will, most likely, get to more Netflix countries in the future, just like War Room did, but currently, those are the countries in which you can stream Overcomer on Netflix at the moment.

What can you do if you live somewhere else?

It is quite easy to watch the content available on Netflix in Singapore, just like it is easy to watch content on Canadian Netflix, on American Netflix, Dutch Netflix, and lots of other countries. In fact, the solution is the same for all those countries, and it is called SurfsharkVPN.

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SurfsharkVPN will help you change your IP address. After you have downloaded the SurfsharkVPN application, open the program and find Singapore. Connect to a server in Singapore. This will give you a Singaporean IP address.

Now you have to restart your Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browser window. If you use a mobile device, restart your Netflix application. When you return to the Netflix website, you will see all the content on Singaporean Netflix, including Overcomer.

If you have time left after watching Overcomer on Netflix, why not watch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as well? The movie from 2019 with Brad Pitt and Al Pacino can also be watched on Netflix in Singapore.

Is Overcomer worth watching?

The movie currently has a score of 6.5/10 on IMDb based on more than 2000 ratings. It was also included on a list of 11 movies worth watching during the coronavirus, mostly because of its encouraging message.

Have you seen Overcomer? Did you like the movie? Write a comment and let me know!

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