Spenser Confidential review

Spenser Confidential is the name of a brand new movie on Netflix. It stars Mark Wahlberg in the role of Spenser, a cup who just got out of prison and about to start a brand new life.

Spenser is a guy who likes to do what is right. That is what he got to prison in the first place. As a superior of his didn’t behave as he should have, they got into a fight, and Spenser ended up in prison. The fact that he actually fought with another cop made him extremely unpopular as well, but luckily, Spenser is a tough guy!

As he leaves prison, he is planning on moving to a different place and start a life as a truck driver. But, fate has another plan, and when Spenser hears about the death of a colleague he esteemed highly, and later the death of the person he fought with five years earlier, he smells that something is wrong. He decides to look into it, even though other cops and friends tell him not to.

So, that is the main story in Spenser Confidential! I could have written much more, but then I would have spoiled the movie for you, and that is not at all my intention.

How did I like Spenser Confidential?

If you visit the Internet Movie Database or Rotten Tomatoes, you will quickly see that Spenser Confidential hasn’t got the best scores. But, that doesn’t really interest me. I sat down to watch the movie and really hoped that I would have a great time, and I did!

Spenser Confidential on Rotten Tomatoes

Spenser is a cool guy. Spenser is a person who is fun to be with. He is calm, but he knows how to fight if that is needed. He is not afraid of danger, in fact, he reminds me a bit of some of the superheroes I like, simply because of those characteristics. Of course, there is no reason to his way of thinking, and the fact that the walks away seeming totally fine after being beaten and kicked by 5 bad guys, clearly strengthens the impression that he is some kind of a superhero.

He isn’t a superhero, but that is just the way the movie is made. And I like it! Spenser Confidential is fun to watch. But, it also has the aspects of an action movie and a cop story. As a result, you will laugh and wait with excitement to see how the story will end and how he will catch the bad guys!

The characters working together with Spenser are also great. Hawk is his tough roommate who looks like a giant, Henry is the one letting them have a place to stay, and Cissy is the crazy old girlfriend, who still have somewhat passionate feelings for Spenser.

Is Spenser Confidential worth watching?

If you just want a simple action-comedy, I would say that Spenser Confidential is awesome! If you want a more complicated story with special twists, with a sense of reality to it, or something in that direction, this might not be a new favorite of yours.

I, however, had a great time watching the movie!

Where to watch Spenser Confidential?

This is a Netflix original movie. You probably know that that means. This movie can only be streamed on Netflix. Buy a Netflix subscription and watch the movie immediately. You do not need to change your Netflix country using a VPN, as this is a Netflix movie that can be streamed all across the world.

Have you seen Spenser Confidential? How did you enjoy the movie? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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