How can I watch SVT outside Sweden? [2021 version] is a great site where you can watch all your favorite TV programs in Sweden. The only problem is when you travel abroad for a holiday or move abroad permanently. How can you then watch SVT live when the live content is only available to people with a Swedish IP address?


On you can watch an awful lot of programs. At the moment you can watch all your favorite winter sports live with Swedish commentators, you can watch news, weather forecasts, children’s programs, documentaries, soap operas and lots of other TV shows. To watch the live stream you need a Swedish IP address, and that can easily be acquired if you use a stable and trustworthy VPN service.

A stable VPN service

If you want to watch from outside Sweden we will, first of all, recommend either ExpressVPN or HideMyAss. Both services have servers available in Sweden and they have good speeds, meaning that you can watch the television shows normally without buffering and with high quality. In addition, they encrypt your connection, making it a very secure connection.

If we have to choose, we would recommend HideMyAss instead of ExpressVPN, because as you read the program reviews you will understand that ExpressVPNVPN is much more advanced to set up and it takes much more time to get started using the service. In addition, ExpressVPN is more expensive (at least if you want to connect to a server in Sweden), which against speaks in support of HideMyAss.

Do not get the following error message anymore

“Videon är inte tillgänglig. Det kan finnas flera olika skäl till att du inte kan se videon.” If you try to watch SVT live without a Swedish IP address you will normally get the mentioned error message.

As soon as you make a subscription to any of the VPN services and connect to a server in Sweden all you need to do is to restart your browser again and you should be able to surf the Internet with a Swedish IP address. If you want to check for sure that it is working, check your IP address and location yourself.

Try it yourself – make a subscription for one of the following VPN services today.

ExpressVPN49% discount – 3 free months HideMyAss

We have recently updated this article, meaning that even though we originally wrote it back in 2013, it is still up to date as of 2021. Do not hesitate, follow these instructions, and get ready to stream SVT online right away from all across the world.

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  1. ohan says:

    Hello Thomas,
    Can I still use HideMyAss to stream SVT outside Sweden? Don’t want to buy a product that isn’t working!

  2. The article is up to date. If you want to watch Sweden in the World Cup 2018, or maybe some other team, follow these instructions and you will be able to watch all the matches on SVT from abroad. You can use the methods described here to watch TV4 abroad as well, so that comes as a nice bonus!

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