How is Netflix discovering and blocking the IPs of unblockers?

We have recently written articles on how Netflix has started blocking the services of Netflix unblockers. It sounds quite cool in fact, blocking an unblocker, and that is what Netflix is doing at the moment. They are blocking those services created to unblock Netflix countries in other countries.

Since more and more people actually suffer from Netflix blocking them, a question is how in the world will Netflix keep discovering who those people are, and how will they be able to block the IP addresses used for this purpose and provided by the different VPN, proxy and unblocker providers.

How is Netflix discovering and blocking the IPs of unblockers?
How is Netflix discovering and blocking the IPs of unblockers?

Now Netflix has not given a final answer as to how they are discovering this, but the most popular theory is that Netflix simply discovers the IPs and IP pools used by the most popular providers and then they block those.

Recently we also had contact with one of the leading VPN providers and according to them Netflix did not necessarily use the strategy mentioned above, but instead they simply follow the movements of their users. If they see that user [email protected] logs on to Netflix in USA that is okay. But, if the same user a couple of minutes later logs onto Mexican Netflix and then onto Swedish Netflix, something has got to be wrong. And thus they will take those IP addresses and block them.

Now both strategies seem logical, but we do have a feeling that version number 2 is not 100% correct. Because with Netflix now opening up for a user to be online on several devices simultaneously that is something they can no longer control. Because when Joshua with his [email protected] account gives his login credentials to his sister in Sweden and to his brother in Mexico, then who is Netflix to suddenly block these users, simply because the same account has been used in different nations. There is no logic to that!

It might be that if they use that strategy, but also compare the IP addresses and which users log in actually using those. Let us say that Joshua and his family uses the same account in three different nations worldwide. That is okay. But, in the moment 100 more users also visit with other login credentials using some of the same IP addresses as Joshua or else from his family, then it starts getting suspicious.

We do not really now, but what we now is that Netflix has started the fight, and we believe that the unblockers will win the ultimate and final victory.

But the question as to how Netflix will discover and block the IPs of unblockers and thus stop you and me from jumping between Netflix regions.

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