How much can I earn with the Braver Browser?

Have you heard about Brave browser? This is a browser that will block ads and block annoying pop-ups and take better care of your privacy online. Besides this, it will even let you earn money (BAT-tokens) if you allow it to show you ads for as much as 5 times per hour while you use the browser. This all sounds great. But, how much can you earn with Brave browser?

First of all, we all need a browser. That is a basic thing, and that is something that you should take into consideration before your see the results. Do you know why? Just like we all search to find information, making money with Presearch is just like taking advantage of that. And just like we all use a browser to visit websites, why not take advantage of it and make a little income while doing so?

How much can I earn with Brave browser?

To be honest, Brave Browser is actually very neat, and I like it way better than Firefox and Chrome. As a result, I would use Brave browser all the time, even if I didn’t get an income from the browser. That is my starting point to all of this. It is incredibly easy to surf in incognito mode, and the fact that you can also browse with a Tor privacy window makes everything even better. You can also install all the apps available from the Chrome store, so if you need a VPN to run in your browser, that can easily be done in the Brave browser.

How much do I make with Brave browser?

There are a couple of things I take into consideration here. First of all, even though you say that you want to be shown 5 ads per hour, you will never really see 5 ads per hour (at least not at this point). After using the computer and the browser for 5 hours, I consider myself lucky if I have seen 5 ads in total. This can also be reflected when it comes to the actual income you get.

It is really easy to click away the ads, meaning that they look really nice and they are not disturbing at all (a nice bonus). They could have been big and ugly, but they just show up like small notifications in Windows (and also on mobile devices).

But, let us turn material!

After one month of using the Brave browser on a daily basis for a couple of hours, I have ended up earning around 3 USD of tokens. That isn’t a lot, but it isn’t so little either. If you consider that fact that you have simply been surfing and doing what you would anyway do, then it is actually very nice.

The amount of ads is affected by your location, at least so it seems to me. As a result, a person in a poor country where people have little money will receive fewer ads than a person located in a rich country in which they spend lots of money. I discovered this by a coincidence as I used a VPN in Brave browser and connected to a server in the Netherlands. As I remained connected to the server, it seemed to me as if I could suddenly see more ads than before. This might be a coincidence, but it seems to be true based on my experience and also pure logic. After all, who would pay to advertise in a browser to people you know don’t have much money or people you know don’t like to spend money online? Instead, it feels more attractive to send your advertisements to people in countries that you know like to spend money online.

Using a VPN in Brave browser
I am connected to a VPN server in the Netherlands while using the Brave Browser.

The latter is just pure speculation from me, but it seems logical.

What is your experience with Brave browser? Are you using it regularly? How much are you making per month using the browser? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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