How to block people from adding me to Telegram groups?

Have you been added to different Telegram groups without your consent? Are you spending lots of time deleting from Telegram groups you have been added to by people you do not even know? How to fix it?

If you have a Telegram user you never use and a user who hasn’t joined any groups earlier, you probably do not have this problem. But, the more Telegram groups you have joined, the greater the chance that you will be invite-spammed to lots of other groups. How does this work?

By default, any user on Telegram can take a look at your user and invite you to a new Telegram group. You do not get to accept or decline the invitation, instead you will be automatically added to the group. Your task remains, to delete yourself from all the unwanted groups you are added to. But, isn’t there a way to stop people from inviting you to new groups?

How to stop people from adding you to new groups on Telegram

If you want to avoid getting added to new Telegram group by strangers all the time, this is what you need to do.

Windows application:

Go to Settings, and scroll down to Privacy and Security. There you will find “Group Invite Settings.” Here you can decide to let only your friends add you to new groups, or anybody. You will also have the chance to add exceptions to the rule.

block people from adding to new telegram groups

On mobile devices:

The process is very similar on mobile devices. Open the Telegram application, press settings. Then you have to choose Privacy and Security. There you will see an option called Groups. Click this and choose for yourself who will be able to invite you to new Telegram groups.

I hope these instructions will help you out! If you have further trouble or just want to say thank you, use the comment field beneath!

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