WandX DEX and the Wand token -> Worth a closer look?

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you are probably looking for undiscovered diamonds that will give you 10-50-100 times your investment back. Is it possible that the Wand token might be exactly that?

It is almost by coincidence that you read about or bump into different projects and cryptocurrencies surfing the Internet. Recently I wrote an article on how to use IDEX, and one of the interesting tokens on the IDEX exchange is the Wand token. But, what is Wand all about, and why do I believe it has the potential to multiply like crazy?

What is the WandX platform about?

WandX is a decentralized exchange for buying and selling ERC20 tokens. What is an ERC20 token? It is any token running on the Ethereum blockchain. But, don’t we already have tons of decentralized exchanges? What makes WandX different from the other decentralized exchanges?

WandX is still in a very early phase, meaning that it is not really possible to use yet. They have a version online, but it is still quite messed up and not working well. But, that doesn’t mean that it is bad, it just means that they are eager to show what the final product will look like. And if you look at the design and the functionality of the website, it looks promising. If you have used IDEX, EtherDelta, or some other decentralized exchange, you will often find them to be complicated and hard to use. There are other decentralized exchanges looking better and with better functionality than those mentioned, but the WandX exchange might be exactly what many people are looking for.

WandX exchange
A screenshot of the beta-version of the WandX exchange!

The WandX exchange only works with the Metamask wallet at the moment, but by the time the exchange is finished, working properly and goes live, I am sure that they will work with other wallet solutions as well!

It should also be mentioned that they are really quick to add new tokens, making this one of the fastest platform when it comes to add new ERC20 tokens to their exchange.

Another important function – token baskets

The WandX exchange will be a decentralized exchange. But, it will also have another function that makes it very interesting. They will introduce so-called Token Baskets. Here users can create baskets of different tokens and sell them, or buy token baskets from others.

Take a look at the YouTube video beneath for a further introduction to the WandX exchange and what it has to offer.

If you take a look at the video above you will get to know more and understand more about the way the WandX exchange will work, including their token baskets.

Is this revolutionizing enough?

I have my doubts, but I also have faith in the project. They have a community on Telegram frequently updating its followers, and every week news is dropped about updates, new releases, bug-fixes etc. If they get this going (quickly enough), then this has a big potential.

What is the purpose of the Wand token? Should I invest?

The purpose of the Wand token is the same as the BIX token on Bibox or the BNB token on Binance. It is the very own token of the exchange, and its main purpose is to lower the fees for using the exchange. This is a game-changer, as you only pay 25% of the original fees if you use the Wand token. In other words, everyone using the WandX platform will buy the tokens and use them (for sure). The only question is if the exchange will be used or not. If it will, then the Wand token will be a sure winner, just like the BIX, BNB, KCS, and similar exchange tokens.

The Wand token is currently at a very low price. And, there are almost no people selling. What is the result? It is a quite safe investment because it will not go further down. But, it has a giant potential, both due to the future of the platform, but also because it is currently priced around 0,1 Dollar, while the price as at 1,28 Dollar at it’s all-time high.

If you want to buy Wand, the best place to do so is at the IDEX platform. There is little volume at the moment, but at the moment people discover the token and starts to invest, the token is most likely to fly high quickly!

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