How to get a Spanish IP address?

IP address in SpainIf you are in need of a Spanish IP address it can easily be arranged. You can for example use a proxy server and setup it in your web browser, but that is a quite unstable so a VPN is a much better solution.

To watch Spanish TV channels like La1, La2, Antena3 or Cuatro from outside Spain you will need a Spanish IP address. In addition to TV channels with a geo-block on their live streams and other content, there are quite a lot of other websites on the web as well that block content for people trying to reach it from outside Spain.

Best ways to get a Spanish IP address

Watch Spanish TV from abroadThe best ways to get a Spanish IP address is a trustworthy VPN provider. There are quite a lot of those providers out there and we have tested several of them to make sure that you can find the one that is the best for you.

The VPN providers requires you to pay a small fee to use their services, and once you have made a subscription you can connect to one of their servers in Spain and surf the Internet with a Spanish IP address within seconds. And once you have that IP you can reach whatever content on the Internet that has been locked to people trying to watch the page from outside Spain.

The best VPN solution if you need a Spanish IP address is HideMyAss. Visit their webpage, make a subscription, download their software and connect to one of their servers in Spain and then you will be surfing with an IP address in Spain within seconds.


VPN in Spain speed tests

We recommend using HideMyAss for the best speeds on VPN connections to Spain. Before making such a recommendation we have tried several different VPN tools and here you can find out the different speeds we received with the different VPN services.

SimpleVPN: 3,11Mbps (download speed)
HideMyAss: 11,6Mbps / 13 Mbps (download speed on two different servers)
StrongVPN: no server in Spain
Overplay: 1,6Mbps
IPVanish: 6Mbps
ExpressVPN: 1,5Mbps

We hope our little test and instructions will help you get hold of that Spanish IP you are looking for and that you will be able to enjoy great speeds as you connect to a VPN server in Spain.