How to get an Armenian IP address?

Armenian Ip addressYesterday I wrote an article on how to get a Venezuelan IP address, so I thought I could continue today writing an article on how to get an Armenian IP address. Do you want to get a local IP address in Armenia, that will make all websites, forums, online services and video sites believe that you are located in Armenia? The solution is here!

For a long time it has been extremely hard to get an Armenian IP address, because normally people use a so called VPN provider, where VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, as they aim to get an IP address in another nation. But, since Armenia is not consider the center of the earth and the most important nation on earth, most VPN providers rather add servers in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in Germany, Spain, France and so in, instead of adding servers in Armenia. However, earlier this week that changed, as one of the biggest VPN providers made a change and added a server in Armenia, meaning that if you sign up for their VPN servies you can at once gain access to their server in Armenia and in more than 80 other nations, and thus you can get an Armenian IP address in less than five minutes from now. So, which VPN provider is this?

Get an Armenian IP

If you want to get an Armenian IP address, then the solution is now PureVPN. They are one of the cheapest providers, they are also one of the best, and they have servers in lots of nations. They have a three day full refund policy, which is valid if you use less than 500mb of bandwidth.PureVPN

Go ahead and try it, and enjoy surfing the Internet with an IP address in Armenia in less than five minutes. All you need is to sign up, download their VPN client and enter the username and password that you receive from PureVPN, and you are ready to go. Choose Armenia from the menu, and connect… and woila, you have an Armenian IP address. Enjoy!

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