PureVPN review [2024 version]

PureVPN is one of the biggest VPN providers on the market, but is it worth using? This is our updated and freshly written PureVPN review.

We have followed PureVPN since the start of 2013, and continuously used and tested their services. They have been through a lot, both good and bad, but is it a service worth using today?

If you start reading the comments at the bottom of this page you will soon understand that PureVPN is one of the most debated VPN providers on the market. Quite a lot of people hate them, while the more quiet ones are those people who use their services and who are very satisfied with them, so no reason at all for them to complain. The latter group is much bigger than the first group, but it can be worth knowing that both groups do exist.

But, since 2017 PureVPN has become much better at customer service, they have done a lot of improvements to their product, service, client, and refund policy, and you can also see that the amount of poor PureVPN reviews has decreased a lot in the latter years. That is for a reason…

PureVPN and pricing

Of all the VPN providers on the market, PureVPN has the very best prices. As you visit the PureVPN homepage, you will see that a 1-month package normally cost around 11 USD, a three-month package will cost you 24 USD, and usually, the one-year package will cost you 70 USD. In the picture beneath, they had a big discount, giving you 27 months of usage at the cost of $54.

purevpn pricing

You should be aware of the fact that PureVPN often runs special offers and big discounts, so you might easily bump into a big discount and get better prices than the ones mentioned above.

PureVPN and what you get

As you sign up for the VPN services of PureVPN, you will get access to all PureVPN servers worldwide, and that is quite a lot of servers. At the time of writing, PureVPN has more than 6500 servers worldwide in more than 75 nations. All big and important nations are included, and they also have servers in quite some smaller and more interesting nations. This makes them one of the biggest VPN providers on the market.

PureVPN has brilliant VPN applications for all the big platforms. As a result, you can easily install and run PureVPN on your Windows computer, Macintosh, Android device, iOS device, FireTV, and on your Linux computer.

purevpn windows

How to use PureVPN?

It is really easy to use PureVPN, and their VPN client is suitable for advanced and beginner users. It is easy to connect to the different PureVPN servers, and you can also find servers ideal for P2P activities easily.

Here are some other things included as you sign up for a subscription with PureVPN:

  • You can use the same subscription on up to 10 different devices at the same time.
  • They support the following protocols: PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2, Wireguard, and Stealth Protocol.
  • Users can switch between all servers as much as they want to.
purevpn servers

PureVPN – speeds

We have tested the speeds of PureVPN several times throughout the years, and they are actually getting better and better. During our PureVPN speed test in December 2018, they did very well; you can see the full results of the test in this article.

During that test, our download speed was approximately 250 Mbps. After connecting to the PureVPN servers we got download speeds varying between 8 Mbps and 215 Mbps. Based on our tests, we must say that PureVPN should serve you well if you want to use a VPN provider that doesn’t slow your Internet connection down like crazy. If speed is of the essence, connect to one of the faster servers (based on your own experience).

PureVPN logging policy

Are you worried about the logging policy of PureVPN? Based on their own privacy policy, this is what they have to tell.

We DO NOT keep any record of your browsing activities, connection logs, records of the VPN IPs assigned to you, your original IPs, your connection time, the history of your browsing, the sites you visited, your outgoing traffic, the content or data you accessed, or the DNS queries generated by you.

In other words, they do not log your activity, they do not know which IP addresses you have used, nor your original IP address, nor which websites you visit, and nothing about what you actually do.

PureVPN for unblocking

PureVPN is working hard to be one of the best VPN providers on the market for unblocking websites. In general, you can connect to a server in the country of the streaming service you are interested in. This will give you a local IP address in that country. As a result, you will be able to watch TV networks such as BBC, ITV, Rai, RTVE, and many others immediately. You can also unblock Paramount+, PeacockTV, Hulu, and many other streaming services in the USA with PureVPN.

purevpn and peacocktv

As you can see, it is very easy and PureVPN constantly works hard to give access to popular streaming services and TV networks all across the world. You can also contact the customer support team if you have special requests.

PureVPN review conclusion

If you need a VPN provider with good speeds, lots of servers, and one that is easy to use, PureVPN might be what you are looking for. If you want to use the subscription on several devices simultaneously, then PureVPN is a great option. Are you looking for a VPN provider with a good money-back policy then PureVPN has one valid for 31-days. They also have the best VPN client on the market for unblocking streaming sites. Click the button beneath to visit their website.

PureVPNwith 31-day full refund

As always we are very happy to hear from you if you have any comments, feedback, or personal experience. Spamming is not welcome (that means submitting the same comment to all existing PureVPN reviews available online), but if you have something you believe our readers will find useful to read, please share what is on your mind!

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88 thoughts on “PureVPN review [2024 version]

  1. Annie says:

    Purevpn support is really useless for my problem. They never read the screen shots I send them and just keep giving me the same generic advice which has never worked. I am cancelling my 2 yr subscription and hope I don’t have the same problems as others have.

  2. macaronitoni33 says:

    All they say is that they’re good, great, number 1, but naah. I suggest you stay far away from this VPN. You don’t need that negativity in your life!

  3. Dave says:

    DO NOT USE: 7 Day Money Back Guarantee – what a load of rubbish, only if you don’t use their service.
    I signed up for a 2 year deal wit the understanding of a 7 day money back but U kept getting disconnected and it would then not reconnect either. I tried various protocols as they recommended bit still no joy.
    I asked for my money back after 24 hours and said i had used more than 500MB of band width and more than 30 sessions.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Hey Dave, thanks for writing and I totally understand that you are annoyed with this. We have in fact experienced the same problem being unable to connect to PureVPN servers at times and it can be re, really annoying. But, if they will not refund you for this (which is something we absolutely can not support) then do not uninstall your PureVPN client still, because if you try again now then you will probably find that it is working, because PureVPN do have servers that are actually working, but we have a feeling that due to the very cheap Christmas and New Years offer they have gotten way more customers than they have capacity, and that is what is causing the problems. Anyway, sorry to hear about it, but hopefully you will be able to use your PureVPN subscription in the coming two years anyway!

      • Thomas Stein says:

        Just spoke with a person at PureVPN telling me that they will increase the limit to 2GB of traffic, meaning that they will try to make their refund policy a bit “nicer.” I am not sure if this will help you still, but just thought I would share the news!

  4. Louise Vanstone says:

    Pure VPN is a great service and enables me to keep in touch with the UK. The service is very efficient and helpful and online staff helped me to get Pure VPN onto all my devices. It’s great

  5. Tom says:

    This is an OUTSTANDING web site. Support is great. I am near 60 and not a computer whiz. My thanks go out to:Dmitry Yushenko he was able to get me going on my iPad…

    Truly a professional organization!!!!!!!!!!!

    Give that man a pay Raise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Henry says:

    Clearly the best vpn on the market, plus you have a nice support dude available 24/7 who can provide help with pretty much anything

  7. Paul Jess says:

    Wow, their online chat support guys are GREAT.
    I have used both PIA and ProXPN in the past, and their chat support was always fine as well… However, for the price being lower than those others, I am finding the service to be superior.
    There’s far more things better from PureVPN than the maybe 1 or 2 things I might have thought were advantage on the other services.
    And if you get it where there is a price promotion, this site is by far the best bang for the buck, and seem to REALLY value users privacy and security.

  8. Amy says:

    I’ve been using Pure VPN for just under a year now, and I have yet to have a complaint. The VPN service works flawlessly, the users’ area of the website has all that one might wish for. My favorite aspect of the service is the 24-hour live chat feature on the website. They have never failed to get me a quick answer to my questions.

    The interface program itself could be updated, as it’s somewhat clunky, but for a service like this I’ll settle for something solid and reliable rather than constantly updated and buggy. It fulfills its purpose well, which is all I can ask.

    The cost is small change for the peace of mind it provides, and the service is in a league far above the free options out there. I would (and have) recommend this to my friends.

  9. Ronald Bellamy says:

    PureVPN’s Live Chat service has been great every time I have needed help. It is a very easy and reliable service and the extend for 1 year get another year free is a great deal!

  10. Pete says:

    Hello there. I have a similar scenario to those posted above where I have attempted to cancel within 24 hours but have exceeded the bandwidth hence am not entitled to a refund. I had paid for a year subscription on the basis this was the most cost effective way forward.

    A few e-mails into an exchange, this is the most recent response I’ve had from them: “Sorry for the inconvenience. It is to inform you that we may refund you partially after deducting one month account payment i.e. $9.95 while you do not qualify for refund. Please confirm so that we may refund you partially”.

    At the top of this ipaddressguide.org guide is a passage: “If you start reading the comments on the bottom of this page you will soon understand that PureVPN is one of the most debated VPN providers on the market. Quite a lot of people hate them, while the more quiet ones are those people who use their services and who are very satisfied with them, so no reason at all for them to complain. The latter group is much bigger than the first group, but it can be worth knowing that both groups do exist.”

    I would urge anyone considering subscribing to Pure VPN not to take a risk that they will be one of the privileged and much bigger ‘latter group’.

    It is logical the disgruntled will complain whereas the content will not. Unfortunately, that does not make me feel any better about the $44 I have wasted.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Hey Pete, and thank you for your very polite and nicely written comment! I totally understand that you are not satisfied, but I must give a bit of “honor” to PureVPN for at least “breaking their own rules” and offering you money back, even if you exceeded the bandwidth limit which you knew existed beforehand. However, there is much to learn from this as well, because 500MB truly is nothing, because if you watch a YouTube video and some other streaming for a few minutes you will exceed this limit, and no longer be qualified for a refund. So, to be sure, it is probably better to go for a VPN provider with a more safe refund policy such as HIdeMyAss, which have a 30 day full refund policy and 10GB bandwidth limit, or VyprVPN which lets you try their service for three days and only after that you will have to pay.

  11. John says:

    Pure VPN is a total scam.

    Their US servers are fake and actualy are German. (I run a bunch of trusted tests and websites and they treat me as German while I’ connected via US server…..)

    They money back guarantee is a scam, cause u can’t get a refund if u used more than 500mb. And how it is possible to test VPN to make a decision if you like it not exceeding just 500mb limit???

    Other VPN services give you free days to try it out and then charge money…. but not PureVPN….. their main purpose to get as many 1 month clients as possible by lying about money back guarantee…

    So now I payed 10 bucks and I even can’t get what I want from this service….


    • Thomas Stein says:

      Hello John! As always, it is not our task to protect PureVPN, or defend them, but we can for sure say that PureVPN is not a total scam. Latest yesterday evening we used PureVPN for the purpose of getting a Norwegian IP address, and it worked perfectly. We frequently use PureVPN for the purpose of watching US Netflix, and it is working, and we get the IP addresses we are promised. So, it is not a scam, but a real product that is working.

      We agree with the fact that the 500mb limit is very little, and it is hard to do any serious tasting without surpassing that limit, but really they would not need to have any refund policy at all, so this is much better than nothing, and since you and everyone else know about the 500mb policy as you sign up, that is kind of our responsibility then to make sure not to surpass it.

      However, sad that it was not good for you (and for quite some other people as well), but just wanted to say that to call it a total scam is untrue, because it is a good VPN provider, used by thousands, and working very good for most of them!

  12. Robert says:

    Have tried pureVPN for 3 days. Decided to try out HMA to compare . Now I am sure that i would use pureVPN. The speed and stability is just so much better than Hidemyass (HMA).
    2 things that could be better :
    1. The PC does not enter sleep mode when the client is running. (connected)
    2. No server in Denmark. Wonder if the country is too small 🙂
    Anyway I would not hesitate to recommend pureVPN for all purposes.

    • Q. Nauman M. says:

      @Robert, I am very much thankful for keeping PureVPN as your first choice. Your suggestion for Denmark server has been forwarded to the concerned department for consideration. Also have you checked the latest features and add-on we introduced to improve your experience.
      Best Regards,
      Q. Nauman M.
      Manager Customer Service & Support

      • Robert says:

        As far as I can see on the web-site, there are no way to solve the problem with the computer not entering sleep mode.
        If I uninstall the client and setup my router for the pureVPN server, then it would solve the problem. But then again, sometimes I need to be on my native IP.
        Would be really appreciated if u could somehow fix that problem. I am using win 8.1 pro 64.

        Best regards
        Robert (after 14 days still a happy pureVPN user)

        • Q. Nauman M. says:

          @Robert, actually that is due to the limitation of the operating system. As VPN works within your internet connection so once computer goes to sleep mode, the operating system also resets the Network Adapter causing the VPN disconnection. You may overcome this problem by disabling the sleep mode.
          right click Computer—manage—device manager—network adapters—right click the NIC card—properties—power management—remove the option ‘allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’
          Best Regards,
          Q. Nauman M.
          Manager Customer Service & Support

          • Robert says:

            Thanks for your reply. There is a misunderstanding though. The problem is thet the PC cannot enter sleep mode with purevpn running..

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Based on your comment I just tried this myself, and I was able to do video chatting, have a normal conversation and also chat conversation using PureVPN: So, maybe the problem is not really with PureVPN? At least it worked easily for me!

    • Q. Nauman M. says:

      @Alex, If we are not wrong you have been assisted for the same and the issue seems in your Android as Skype is working fine on laptop. If you still think you need our assistance, feel free to contact us via live chat.
      Best Regards,
      Q. Nauman M.
      Manager Customer Service & Support

  13. Paul says:

    I had been using HMA for about a year. However, I found the interface and the connection cumbersome. Sometimes it took quite some time to actually connect.

    I searched for best VPN service on Google and PureVPN came up a number of times. I decided to take up the 3 day trail offer and at the end of that trail I took out the monthly plan. The interface is so much cleaner and easy to use.

    Furthermore, the online service has been excellent. The few small issues I had to begin with were sorted out very quickly and smoothly.

    Best decision I have made this year so far to switch to PureVPN.

    • Q. Nauman M. says:

      @Paul, thanks for choosing PureVPN and precious feedback. Just wait for few more weeks and observe what we have for our customers and services, features, servers will be keep adding. Internet Kill Switch, Auto protocol and NAT firewall has already been added. You will feel the difference with Purpose selection in our software. Get ready to use servers of not 26 but 35 countries in a week or two with NO EXTRA COST.
      Best Regards,
      Q. Nauman M.
      Manager Customer Service & Support

  14. Rin says:

    I’ve been using PureVPN.org for a while now and had originally used StrongVPN. I was actually referred to them by a friend who had been using them for a while. At first, Support was great, which I had expected since I hadn’t purchased anything from them yet. They were helpful, fast in replying, and polite and I had not had a single problem with them up until last week.

    When I came back to China from the States, I was surprised to see that PureVPN was not working for me at home anymore. I was informed that it was because my ISP was blocking everything. As their site was blocked, I had to resort to emailing them. There were a lot of miscommunications along the way (heck, it took nearly a week!), and eventually Q. Nauman, the Support manager reached out to me personally and helped me. He spent over 1 hour trying to diagnose the problem and eventually fixed the problem for me! In addition, he spent some more time going over how to avoid the problem on my iPhone and even made sure that PureVPN worked on my Windows as well.

    I’ve recommended many of my classmates to use PureVPN and Support like this reminds me why I do and will continue to do so. I’ve tried a few VPN services here in China and a stable VPN is hard to come by. Add great customer service and the only VPN service you’re left with is PureVPN.

    • Q. Nauman M. says:

      @Rin, You are most welcome. I must appreciate your valuable and detailed feedback which will help others to choose PureVPN. We can proudly say that GFW is unable to block PureVPN since March 2011 and you may reach us using our .ORG domain too if .COM is blocked there in China.
      Best Regards,
      Q. Nauman M.
      Manager Customer Service & Support

  15. Q. Nauman M. says:

    @jimmij, it is to inform you that customer may be asked for verification when the location provided in the order does not match with the IP or the order is VPN based in order to avoid scams. If you are not interested to verify then reply that email with such concern and you will be refunded and then place the order without any VPN / Proxy and you won’t be asked for any such information.
    Q. Nauman M.
    Manager Customer Service & Support

    • Colin says:

      Same issue for me too. Asked for photo id of my card. I declined having never been asked before for any kind of e-purchase. I also suggested they reconfirm the transaction with my bank if they were concerned. I was then refunded and blocked – seems a very dubious company!

    • Unhappy PureVPN Customer says:

      This statement is not true. I signed up without using a vpn, my external IP does properly georeference my location, but after having the service for 2 months, it was shut off and I was told I had to provide a scan of my credit card.

  16. jimmij says:


    I just ordered from them using my credit card and they insisted that I send them photographs of my credit card in order to verify it~ PHOTOGRAPHS???

  17. VESPAR says:

    I just joined PUREVPN services and already today i can just say- these guys are great.
    I had a problematic issue accessing certain web-sites and called for their online chat support. It happened to be Dmitry the man who actually helped me to resolve the issue, which obviously was not from the simpliest. He dedicated a lot of time and expertise to the problem at the something, which i at a certain point considered as Causa Perduta was resolved by him and this is why i can just say a big thank you.
    Judging on their great and prompt service, and obviously the very high level of experience and knowledge i am going to stay with PUREVPN for a long time.

    • Q. Nauman M. says:

      @VESPAR, you are most welcome. What did you experience using our servers regarding speed / price and coverage and our software.
      Q. Nauman M.
      Manager Customer Service & Support

  18. Alain says:

    Hello, I just subscribed to PureVPN and I had a little problem setting up pptp on my router.
    Fiz, the live chat operator, answered my question fast and i was up and running in no time.

    Great support


  19. Diane Anthony says:

    I had the most difficult time viewing Youtube and Irokotv in Shenzhen China but Deniz from purevpn successfully solved the problem. Thanks Deniz and keep up the good work. You are amazing!!!

  20. David says:

    I purchased PureVPN earlier in the year and can honestly say its been worth every penny. I know they had the security issue earlier in the year, but this was via third party software, which is unavoidable.

    Their support is terrific. I had an issue with the Android app not working correctly on my Tabtronic tablet and they fixed it quickly and efficiently in a matter of minutes. Communication is fast and reliable. Its nice to see a company respond well, rather than having us sitting around for 2/3 days like other companies only to get a reply that is meaningless. ie, Paypal.

    Never had any connection issues and have been enjoying some great programs I normally I wouldn`t be able to watch. Also, being a developer it enables me to test IP blocks for certain countries, which is brilliant.

    All in all, PureVPN is 10/10.

  21. Scottyboy says:

    I just went to PureVPN support for about the third time in over a year of using this service. I had trouble connecting to a server (I like to manually configure) and they troubleshot the issue and had me running in a few minutes. I have been using various IT services professionally and personally since the 1980’s and the support offered with PureVPN is the best I have ever used in terms of accessibility, reliability and efficiency. PureVPN is 5 star in my book.

  22. Martin says:

    PureVPN is very to install and use. However, I found another provider that was just as good and a bit cheaper, so I decided to cancel PureVPN. Even though I met ALL of their requirements for a refund they haven’t do so yet. Not exactly the most upstanding business practices!

    You can find a more ethical provider than PureVPN and I urge you to do so.

    • Q. Nauman M. says:

      @Martin, First of all let me inform all that you are asking to “REFUND” the compensation of $5 which was offered as a compensation and all those customers were informed that you may use that $5 credit in next renewal or we may extend your service against those $5. Could you justify how you qualify for “REFUND” ? Are you asking to get refund of the service you purchased in December’ 2012, also is it WITHIN 3 days?
      Regarding CHEAPER service, we always suggest all to compare not only the rates but all the features then you will be able to conclude what you are loosing.
      1. 24×7 Live chat support
      2. Remote support
      3. Split tunneling feature which is introduced by PureVPN, allows you to use VPN and your local IP at the same time.
      4. 300+ servers of 26 countries (and keep adding more)
      5. Dedicated Streaming
      6. Most protocols supported i.e. PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, IKEv2
      7. 2 logins per account
      8. Multiple OS / Device supported by Software for almost all.
      9. Multiple routers supported
      10 Server speed up to 1Gbps
      11. 22000+ IPs
      12. First time ever in the market, Support by Gaming Expert for users need VPN for online games.
      and more
      Manager Customer Service & Support

      • Martin says:

        Q. Nauman M, let me tell you something about pseudonyms on the web. My name isn’t really “Martin”. That’s because I prefer not to have my personal information plastered throughout the web. The fact you’re so loose with customer details (e.g., providing dates of transactions) speaks volumes about the lack of your professionalism and discretion.

        Nevertheless, I signed up for your service recently and preferred not to keep it. The fact that your company won’t immediately issue a refund even though I meet all of your company’s criteria for receiving one demonstrates the lack of professionalism and ethics of your company.

        • Q. Nauman M. says:

          @Martin, We did not disclose any of your personal information or something like that and you may need to recheck above. Still I am wondering the details of payment against which you are claiming refund. Is it related to $5 or your annual subscription you got one year go??
          Manager Customer Service & Support

          • Martin says:

            I don’t know where you got this notion that I signed up a year ago. I did not. I signed up quite recently and canceled less than 24 hours later.


  23. Musicbuyer23 says:

    As Jacqueline said above, i had some problem accessing the vpn service but Deniz sorted this issue out with minimal fuss using teamviewer. Great service!
    Thanks a bunch!

  24. Jacqueline Beaty says:

    had great difficulties accessing purevpn. Got Deniz on live chat and ultimately on teamviewer and managed to sort out the problem. Quick and efficient and endless patience. Thanks again

  25. ivy says:

    I am so great full that I can watch Netflix now in Indonesia, PureVPn make it happen, and with the help of Customer Service that standby for 24 hours… its really make it easy, Deniz the customer service, guide me step by step to connect till I can watch Netflix.. Thank you Deniz you are awesome.

  26. Kyla says:

    I’m a new customer, but really happy with the service 3 weeks in.
    In reference to the comments above with people having payment issues, I found it all really easy. I paid in the sign-up process, and then was then billed which caused a bit of confusion as it implied I’d not paid (as did the status online), but I simply used the customer service chat, and they explained the process. It just took a day, which I only odd maybe if you expect everything to be set up instantly (which I think I do these days!) I was up and running within 12 hours of sign up though – basically at the start of the next working day.
    Later I had real problems with connection speeds. However again, the customer service people got it sorted in minutes – there’s a server list on the website if you’re having problems, which gave me a manual override IP switch if needed. This also happened to my friend – and he had a similar customer experience in getting help to fix an issue. I agree with the comment above – it’s a great service, but set up may take some tweaking to get it working well for you.

    However I’ve found them super helpful, quick to respond, and great at troubleshooting and now I have great connection speeds: I think it’s a great service for the money and would definitely recommend it.

    I don’t feel ‘scammed’ in the least. I think if you’re used to Amazon processing your online orders, the payment and processing feel a little clunky. But I guess it’s a question of scale, and I’m really happy with the way all my issues have been quickly dealt with and sorted out.
    Thanks in particular to Deniz from customer service support for being ace – got things sorted in seconds from me describing the problem. I’m a very happy customer.

  27. W Laisuwan says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Let me say that yes PureVPN will require official document from you if you paid by paypal and other third party payment. However they are not that strict on what and how you use and very quick to approve your account. They are not scammers, they are not using your documment to commit other kind of fruad. So rest assured on those one.

    PureVPN do work! It may need some tweaking to get the best out of it. I have used many other VPN and can clearly say they are the most extensive and configurable VPN I have tried. I suffer poor speed out of the box but with some help from thier customer service they teamviewer by machine and double my speed for me.

    I can recommend anyone to give it a try. There is no mandetory several months subscription so it there is no reason not to try.

  28. Hakan O says:

    Stay away from PureVPN.
    After having paid for a one year subscription via PayPal, which is definitely one of the most secure payment processes there is, nothing happened.
    After 27 hours of trying to connect – and after loads of e-mails back and forth – it turns out they need to see a copy of my ID document to enable my account. Are you kidding?
    I am a heavy consumer of e-shopping and I have made business with bigger companies than PureVPN, with investments up to five digits in US Dollars. And no one has asked to see my ID!
    Is this a scam company??

    Anyway – stay away. There are other providers that work more smoothly and customer oriented.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Hello! I can for sure tell you that PureVPN is not a scam company. It do work, and I am using their services regularly, both for testing purposes and also when I am in need a VPN service. I once faced similar problems to you when paying for a subscription with PayPal, in the end I was fed up with the ID thing and asked for a refund instead, and they sent me the money back. The next time I tried again to make a subscription with PayPal I faced no problems at all, and I got my username and password and full access within minutes. So, hope you get to solve this, but at least I can tell you that PureVPN is not a scam company, their service and product is real and working!

  29. Shark says:

    My experience was as follows: I bought a 1 year of service last month 8/13 for 49.99.

    I had the service for a month, then the security breach happened, and being understandably concerned I cancelled my account (which took some effort I might add).

    Now that things have settled down a little I decided to give Purevpn another try, and reinstate my account. That’s fine, they say, all I have to do is buy ANOTHER YEAR at 49.99. Oh but they will give me a 5.00 credit.

    I have tried talking to several people about this, and their position is the same. WOW THANKS GUYS. It’s obvious how much Purevpn really CARES. I feel like I am being punished for the fact that you got hacked. Way to go. Guess that 50 bucks is more important right now to you than keeping your remaining customers.

    My advice: Steer clear.

  30. Jeremy says:

    I downloaded their software, and could not get it to work. I contacted them, and they could not help me. I asked for a refund, and they said they could not give it to me because I went over the limit (during troubleshooting). Very fraudulant activity. I had to work with my card company to get a chargeback in order to get my refund. I would NOT recommend this software.

    • Q. Nauman M. says:

      Hi Jeremy,
      As per promise let me share in detail what happened with you so it will let other users know that which customers are not refunded and why:-
      You did not qualify for refund as your usage was more than 900 MB as summary given below:
      purevpn0s80778 Logs:
      User Logs
      No. of Times Protocol Used:
      PPTP: 5
      Bandwidth Per Protocol Used(bytes):
      PPTP: 902530930
      Total Bandwidth Used: 902,530,930.00 bytes (900 MB)

      Even after that you were offered 100% refund for which you were asked to show the reason of cancellation as we do not offer any FREE service but you refused. then you were offered as below:-
      Hi Jeremy,

      As you were informed earlier, you do not qualify for refund. Considering your case on exceptional basis, I may offer you 50% refund. If you agree for the same then please confirm and I will proceed accordingly.

      You also refused for the same and then you were refunded in full
      Date Description Amount
      08/21/2013 03:43 Order Total 49.95
      08/29/2013 Refund Total -49.95
      Still if you think PureVPN is scamming with you then it’s not fair. Let me repeat that PureVPN does not offer any FREE service nor promote the practice to get the service, use it for the purpose and then ask for refund with a lame excuse like I do not like the color of software or the the interface or it is not as per my expectations etc. What we offer is mentioned on our website and that all is covered under 3 day money back guarantee.
      Manager Customer Service & Support

      • sadam says:

        Dear customer,

        I’m sorry to inform you that due to an incident we had to close your account permanently. We are no longer able to run an anonymization service due to legal issues we are facing.

        We had to handover all customer’s information to the authorities unfortunately. They might contact you if they need any details about the case they are working on. The following information was handed over: your name, billing address and phone number provided during purchase and any documents we had on file (for example scan of your ID or driver’s license if you have provided these to our billing department).

        We are also sorry we are not able to refund you, however if you wish your money back, please open a dispute on PayPal or file a chargeback with your credit card company. This is the only way we can refund you as our bank account is frozen during this investigation. We recommend you to do this as soon as possible as we can’t guarantee all customers will get their money back.

        We apologize once more this had to happen.

        Yours sincerely,
        Uzair Gadit
        PureVPN founder

  31. Dan says:

    There is no three day money back garuntee; rigged the game with the small. You can’t watch one movie without going over the limit. If you place it on your router, connect on demand will cause you to exceed the connection limit. So it is really about an hour money back guaranteed. I tries it less then a day and speed was a lot worse then my previous HMA VPN. It sucked enough for to buy another VPN service after receiving no refund.

    • virgil says:

      yes this is pakistan style and not because I am rasist I got allready punked by more pakistan guys webdesigners and translators but this time I will write reviews to all pages on the internet to tell this guy from purvpn that I am not going to accept him to keep my money at all

  32. Will says:

    I too am having difficulty getting a refund back from purevpn. I had a bad experience with their customer service the first day I used it so I politely requested my money back that same evening. I have read and reread their policy on the refund and I haven’t violated any of their requirements such as the 500 MB requirement. Perhaps they need more time to process the request but I thought I would have at least received an e-mail telling me one way or another. Does anyone have any experience with Purevpn? I’m starting to feel like I have been scammed

    • Thomas Stein says:

      It is (luckily) not my task to defend PureVPN, but I notice that it says on their website that “Payments may take up to 30 days to appear in your account depending on your bank, card or payment provider.” If you are insecure, they have this live chat online at their site, have you tried speaking with them? Maybe they can give further insight!

      Ps: Please come back and tell the final outcome of your story. If they have not given you a refund (even after 30 days), or if you manage to speak/chat with them and get a reason for either not refunding your money, or if they send you the money back. Probably useful to know for other people as well considering using the services of PureVPN.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Their website says the following: “Our privacy policy is simple: we will never release any information about you or your account to anyone except law enforcement personnel with the proper documentation and paperwork. We do not and will not monitor user sessions for inappropriate behavior, unless compelled to by law enforcement with proper documentation and paperwork. However, if in the course of normal business (including complaints from the general public) we discover you violating our Terms of Service Agreement we may terminate your account and optionally refund the balance of your account to you.” So, I guess if needed, logs will be made to help local law enforcements, but if not needed, no logging is done.

    • virgil says:

      it doesn´t matter guys check your geo location, it doesn´t change at all you stay in cuba only the ip is changed thats not a “good sleeping” solution you better check out an other service because you waste your money and time to get it back from the manager he likes to keep the money and buy himself some fake customers who write best reviews on his product

  33. CARL says:

    I wanted to test streaming speeds first so they offered me a NO RISK 3 DAY TRIAL. I paid for it and got lousy speeds between uk and thailand, could not stream.!! So i asked for a refund as they could not make it fast enough to work.
    THEN they said it was non -refunable.!! HOW IS THIS NO RISK.??? And i bet you cannot find where it says this on their web site. They are just out for your money and DONT CARE when they cannot offer the service they say they can in your region. This is the action of CONMEN AND LIARS when it comes to playing fair. If you are in the Thailand area and need uk streaming stay well clear of this company.!!!!

    • Jonathan says:

      Hey there! You sure you didn’t pass the 500mb limit? It is written on the PureVPN site that if you generate more than 500mb of traffic during your trial days you will not get your refund back. Also, it is written on their page that it can take up to 10 days for any refund to be sent back…

      • virgil says:

        did you check geo lcation change on normal servers?? there is no change you can enter internet pure without vpn thats the same and instantly connection to a geo server is not working and restricted

    • virgil says:

      sure be happy you had only one month as I bought 4 anualls to give them a chance to setup for me one login for 4 licenses for 20 devices so I renounced on my license time. and this idiotic manager as i asked him to check geo started to ignor me and delayed me for 3 weeks until I started paypal conflict but paypal does not provide you with any help on licenses so take care i had to start terror on purevpn to get money back for 3 out of 4 licenses but I won´t stop until I get my 4. too as they did nothing for me and I was in time with my mails 37 hours after purchaseing so stay away you save money time and nervs

  34. Melissa says:

    I just tried PureVPN and payed with PayPal, and I had no problems at all with it at all. Got my confirmation within 30 minutes and has since then used PureVPN with great speeds. Absolutely satisfied!

    • virgil says:

      Ok read this from down upstairs, at Hide My Ass you won´t getting robbed and they have stable trustful servers with lower speed but purevpn speed is due tu their ip routing without trustful geo location changes. this means you can step into the internet trap pure like the name says, no money back only if you get mad JUST LIKE ME NOW!!

      you should really start reading customer mails and reviews, I do not accept any cent to stay with you, I will move in 10 minutes to the next important page and start to post there but I have now that much of unique reviews I guess I will be very fast and I guess I setup also some macros to do it automated do not think you are offshore and god I am out of mind and secure 😉

      On 10.12.2014 22:49, PureVPN Support wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Please check the points and suggestions below:-
      > 1. You purchased 4 annual accounts then ask them to merge to a single account having 20 multi logins
      > 2. I confirmed you that 20 multi logins are allowed on your sigle account on 29th Nov 2014
      > 3. Regarding Germany location you will be assisted and shown wit proof that there is no such issue, if you need
      > Anyhow, keeping in view that you never used 3 accounts we may refund you in full for 3 annual accounts and 50% refund of the 4th account. You do not qualify for refund though having 39 GB usage as listed below but in order to get it you need to remove the reviews you just did. We may also paste these as a comment but we will not. We broken our policy to allow you on exceptional basis and to make it work for you i.e. 20 multi logins
      > If you need the 100% refund of the 4th account too then you need to have a remote session with us after which your case will be reviewed.
      > PPTP 105 28,717,444,507 bytes (27,387.09 MB)
      > OPENVPN-UDP 1 43,741 bytes (0.04 MB)
      > L2TP 34 12,286,450,336 bytes (11,717.27 MB)
      > Total Bandwidth
      > 41,003,938,584 bytes (39,104.40 MB)
      > Best Regards,
      > Q. Nauman M.
      > Manager Customer Service & Support
      > PureVPN
      > ***** We apologize for the delay, might caused in replying your email. We are experiencing an excessive load, unexpectedly, due to customer interest in the services. Our 24/7 live chat is available to assist you on immediate basis.*****
      > On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 2:37 AM, My Email wrote:
      > I told you I won´t invest any minute in comunication with you because you are too lazy to read my issued mails to the support and their answers and that I got ignored totaly you fucked me arround enough I won´t stop until I get my money back because I am a real person and can proce it you know what I´ll start to post now also screenshots online screenshots to prove it even more. just save my time and yours and the time your webmasters and supports investet in advertising your crapy semi vpn and return my money I will not stop it and this is my last mail bye bye
      > On 10.12.2014 22:33, PureVPN Support wrote:
      >> Hi,
      >> Please contact us via live chat and ask for the Manager, I will assist you and clear the confusion / misunderstanding we have.
      >> Best Regards,
      >> Q. Nauman M.
      >> Manager Customer Service & Support
      >> PureVPN
      >> ***** We apologize for the delay, might caused in replying your email. We are experiencing an excessive load, unexpectedly, due to customer interest in the services. Our 24/7 live chat is available to assist you on immediate basis.*****
      >> On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 1:45 AM, My Email wrote:
      >> I need no assistance from you give me back my money or I distroy your business by reviews and I can prove it just get your ass in front of my whole emails and read them I was in time and I had really troble not that lousy multi login but I got ignored I swear I will invest every day 4 hours of searching pages where you advertise and write down reviews until your income decreases to a little student
      >> On 10.12.2014 21:36, PureVPN Support wrote:
      >>> Hi,
      >>> Sorry for the inconvenience. It seems you did not notice what I wrote in the end “Still we are keen to assist you for which you may contact us any time.”
      >>> Best Regards,
      >>> Q. Nauman M.
      >>> Manager Customer Service & Support
      >>> PureVPN

      Read more: http://vpn-services.bestreviews.net/vpn-comparison-hidemyass-vs-purevpn/#ixzz3LY0r4vaW

      • Harry says:

        Very similar case to Virgil.
        I signed up for Purevpn, it was not easy for me to browse. I cancelled the subscription within 4 hours still they will not refund my money. I have never seen greedy people like pure VPN, they cancelled the subscription but did not refund my money. They wanted me to contact over and over again but not willing to pay money back.

        Beware users – If you want your money back in any circumstances, these duche will not return.

    • Maria says:

      I am also using PureVPN from last 3 months, I bought Pure from this website http://www.vpnanalysis.com/purevpn-review/ and to be honest I found their services as described in that review. I never had any kind of issues whether its their customer support or their features. Once I was facing some issues regarding protocols and their support helped me till its solution. so 5/5 from my side. I know some times it is difficult for vendors and their clients but this is not the way to charged these kind of thing as I read below from an annoyed customer on a service like Pure. In my opinion this is not fair.

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