How to make Google index your article immediately!

Have you written an article that you want Google to index at once? Is it urgent for your article to be made visible as people search in Google? The best way to get your article indexed at once!

Have you ever written an article on a Monday about an event on Tuesday? As the event draws near on Tuesday, you discover that nobody is reading your article. How come? Then you do a quick test and search Google for the article you wrote, only to discover that it hasn’t even been indexed. By the time Google will finally index your article, it is already out of date.

how to make google index your article in a few minutes

I have experienced what I describe here several times, and it is really frustrating. To make Google index my sites faster I have tried pinging the search engine, create incoming links to the article, and all sorts of tricks. But, it was recently that I discovered the trick that made the difference. Based on my personal testing in the last two-three weeks all articles I have “submitted” have been indexed within 10-15 minutes, normally even faster. Are you curious? Would you like your articles to get indexed on Google in a few minutes?

Submit your articles to Google for quick indexing!

I cannot promise you that it will work for you, but I am 95% sure it will. It is, of course, required that you have a real website, with good quality content, because Google will never index junk and spam. But, if you have written a real and authentic article with quality content, these instructions should get your site indexed in a few minutes.

How to check if your article has been indexed?

The URL of this article is:

To check if it has been indexed, visit and search for the actual address. At this very moment, as I did a search for this article, I did not get any results. If your article has been indexed, you will find it at the top of the search result, since it is a search after that exact address. If you do not see your article in the search results from Google, then it hasn’t been indexed yet.

What can you do to get your article indexed by Google right away?

Now comes the fun part! To get your article indexed by Google right away, you will need to do as follows.

  • You need to have your website registered in the Google webmaster tools / Google Search Console.
  • Make sure that you have submitted a sitemap.
  • Press the “Crawl” text in the menu.
  • Select “Fetch as Google.”
  • Type in the URL of the article you want to get indexed.
  • Press Fetch.
    index your article in google quickly
  • After pressing fetch it will take a few seconds, and you will see something looking like this.
    request indexing by google
    Request indexing by google


  • Now you need to press “Request indexing.”
  • Now it is time to confirm that you are not a robot and to ask Google to crawl the URL.

    google to index your article right away
    Tell Google to crawl and index your article right away!
  • Now you press Go, and your article should be indexed within a few minutes!

How fast did I get this article indexed?

Google doesn’t index the content here in the IP Address Guide very quickly, so normally it takes a couple of days for the content to get indexed. But, after pressing the “Go” button above, the article was indexed in less than 30 seconds. Isn’t that great?

Why don’t you give it a try, and please tell me whether it brought you success or not. Please write a comment and let me know about it!

2 thoughts on “How to make Google index your article immediately!

  1. Thomas Stein says:

    It is very important that you need to have an account already registered with Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console). If you register your site for the first time, make sure to submit your sitemap, and wait for Google to process it, and once this has happened, follow the steps above.

    There are other places were you can submit your sites for indexing in Google, but they do not seem to react as quickly as the method described here.

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