How to watch Argentina – Nigeria online [June 26th, 2018]

Would you like to watch Argentina – Nigeria online tonight, live from St. Petersburg? Here is the best way to stream Argentina vs. Nigeria on the Internet!

If you love football, then you probably hate poor quality live streams, and “wanna-be” live streams on spam sites packed with commercials, pop-ups, and hidden viruses. So, why stream Argentina – Nigeria on such a site, when you can watch the match on BBC in England instead, without unnecessary ads, and without pop-ups?

BBC is broadcasting the FIFA World Cup 2018 in England together with ITV. It is easy to watch both channels online, the only requirement is that you use the VPN services of ExpressVPN in order to get a working IP address in England.

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More about tonight’s match between Argentina and Nigeria

Few people expected Argentina to be in big trouble during the group stage, but they definitely are. They will need a victory in this match to get to the knockout stage in the World Cup, but that alone might not be enough. If Iceland can beat Croatia, then the requirement is that Argentina ends up with at least one more goal on the plus side than Iceland. If Iceland wins 2-1 against Croatia, Argentina will need to win at least 3-1 against Nigeria. But, to be safe, they should win with two goals more than Iceland, making it a 4-1 win instead.

Nigeria, however, only needs a draw against Argentina to feel quite secure, as long as Iceland doesn’t beat Croatia with 3-0 or more.

group d fifa world cup standings

In the picture, you can see the standings in group D in front of the last group stage leg. It will be a fantastic finish in group D, and hopefully, it will end up just as exciting as group B yesterday (in which the goals scored in both matches after normal playtime made sure Portugal went to the knockout stage instead of Iran).

Who do you think will win, Argentina or Nigeria?

Will Lionel Messi score his first goal in the FIFA World Cup tonight? Our guess is yes, but he will not score only one goal, but three goals! Nigeria is a cool team, but they have defensive problems, and Messi will ab(use) those, and score several goals tonight!

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