How to unblock American Netflix with Netflix DNS?

If you have a dream of getting access to American Netflix using what many people refer to as a Netflix DNS, this article is for you. Get access to US Netflix in a few minutes from now!

To get access to American Netflix using DNS you will need to change the DNS servers in your settings on your computer, on your iPad, iPhone or Android device (or Ubuntu or whatever). But, which DNS servers to use for you to be able to change your Netflix region to American Netflix? The answer is without a doubt the DNS servers provided to you by Unlocator which you can try absolutely for free for seven days.

Unlocator(start your free trial today)

The american Netflix DNS is workingNow to get this working you visit their website and sign up with your email address (that is everything that is needed). You will then at once get information about the two DNS servers you will need to use for Unlocator to work and for this to serve as a Netflix DNS for you. Follow the advanced setup guides available on the Unlocator website to find out how to add their DNS services to your computer, phone or tablet. Once you have it setup correct you will see three green lights in the control panel like you can see on the picture to the right telling you that it is working.

If you get any green lights the website will at once offer you help solving the problem. Once you have three green lights up and running you are good to go and now you should visit the Region settings in the Unlocator menu bar. Once there you can choose in which Netflix region you want to watch, so with this easy Netflix DNS setup you can get access to more than thirty Netflix regions.

unblock american netflix

Is this Netflix DNS service for totally free?

It is totally free to try for seven days and if you want to continue using it after seven days you will have to pay 5USD a month or 50USD a year which is a very fair price. And do not forget that once you have this setup on your device or computer you can also enjoy tons of other TV channels like NBC, CBS, BBC, ITV and other channels which are unblocked already as you have the Unlocator DNS service enabled.

It is simply amazing, so press the Unlocator button and visit their website and enable your Netflix DNS right away and watch American Netflix or some other Netflix region in a few minutes from now.Unlocator(start your free trial today)

If you still have some time left you can watch our YouTube video presenting the information that has been written down in this article.

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