How to get an American Apple account outside the USA?

Would you like to get access to the US Apple Store outside the US? There are several reasons for why people actually want to get access to the US Apple Store, but if you are one of them we will give you the information on how to do it right away!

The most typical reason for why someone want to get access to the US Apple Store is because they want to download some program from the Apple Store that is only available to people with access to the US Store. In general one would think that it is easy to get access to the store, you only change the address and nation of your Apple ID and then you are good to go. It would be great if it was that easy, but unfortunately it is not. There are several factors that will stand in your way, but luckily we will help you get through all of them!

Get access to US Apple Store abroad
Find out how to get US Apple ID abroad

Get US Apple Store outside the US (US Apple ID)

Please read through the entire instructions before you start, just to be prepared for what you can expect and if you are willing to follow through with it. No risks are involved, but you will probably need to spend a few dollars for these instructions to work.

First step: Sign out from iTunes with your current Apple ID (Settings – iTunes and App Store). Click your ID and sign out.

Second step: Open the Apple Store and search for a free game, a free app or so. Press to download once you have found it.

Third step: Choose that you want to create a new Apple ID.

Fourth step: Fill in the necessary information, password, reminders, billing address and more. Choose none as payment method (if what you want to download costs something you will not be able to get started without a payment method). If you try simply to create a new Apple ID from the settings you will not be allowed to create without a payment card either. To get an American address (if you haven’t got one) use this address generator. If you want to get an American Apple ID with a valid payment card added to it and a valid address, this article will give you information on how it can be done!

Fifth step: Apple doesn’t make this easy for us, because they actually require you to have an American IP address for this to work. So before doing any of the earlier four mentioned steps, you should get yourself an ExpressVPN subscription. Install their VPN client on your Apple device or set up a VPN connection manually (you can also do all this in Windows using iTunes to download a free app and use ExpressVPN application there). Connect to a server in the USA. Now you are ready to go and start the other four steps. As you have finished the steps you should be able to create an Apple ID in the US.

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Sixth step: If you want to even add some money to your Apple account, buy an iTunes gift card here and redeem it to your account. You will then even have money on your American Apple account.

Now you should have a US Apple ID

For assistane contact itunes

Hopefully, everything has worked so far and you have gotten yourself access to the US Apple Store outside the US. If you however during points four and five get an error message that looks something like the picture on the right then it might be that Apple is making life even harder for you. They sure did for us and what we had to do then with ExpressVPN was actually to connect to one of their VPN servers in the actual state in which we had our Apple ID registered. So, if you register yourself with an Apple ID in Washington (DC), then connect to a ExpressVPN server not only in the USA but in DC. If you do so, it should absolutely work!

We hope these instructions will help you get yourself a US Apple ID, but if you have questions or problems, please ask. We can of course not guarantee that we will be able to help, but maybe!

Be aware of the fact that your ExpressVPN subscription might come useful later as well, because if you need US Apple Store access to download the NBC app to watch NBC TV series abroad, then you will also need an American IP address to be able to watch them in the app once you have downloaded it, so keep that subscription, it is going to come handy!

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