How to use StrongVPN in Ubuntu?

Are you one of those freaks who use Ubuntu because it is your passion and you resist everything that has to do with Microsoft? Or maybe you enjoy Ubuntu more than Windows? You may have thousands of reasons to use Ubuntu, but now the question is how you can use StrongVPN in Ubuntu.

Before continuing read our StrongVPN review and make a subscription if you still haven’t got one.

It is quite easy to setup StrongVPN in Ubuntu. The steps are very similar to the steps you need to make in order to install HideMyAss in Ubuntu, but since there are some differences we will make a walk through description here.

Setup StrongVPN in Ubuntu

Go to System Tools – Preferences – Network Connections. Once there go to the VPN option and press “Add.” You will then create a PPTP connection. Give the connection a name, for example: StrongVPN. You should have another tab open in your browser at the same time. Open the following address: Log in with your email address and password which you made upon subscription. As you log in visit the VPN Accounts – VPN Accounts Summary page. On the right side you will see the Account Setup Instructions. Press that button and onn the following page you will find your PPTP options.

The server address you can find on that page should be added to the Gateway option in the VPN setup. The username and password should be added to the username and password option in the VPN setup (notice that the username and password you have to use are different from the once you made upon subscription). Press the Advanced button and add Point-to-Point encryption. After this you save everything and you are now ready to connect to the StrongVPN server.

If you now press the network connection icon in the menu bar you will be able to find the VPN option. Select the connection named StrongVPN. If everything has been setup well, you should be able to press the StrongVPN connection and in a few seconds the VPN should be up and running.

StrongVPN Ubuntu setup in pictures

basic StrongVPN Ubuntu
VPN settings for StrongVPN in Ubuntu – these data are only examples…
StrongVPN Ubuntu Setup
Your StrongVPN settings should look like this

Hopefully it should be working by now. If you still have problems, feel free to write a comment and describe your problem. We will do our best to help you fix the problem. If not, you can also directly contact the StrongVPN crew.

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