How to watch Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League, and Serie A online on Paramount+? An Illustrated Guide!

Are you in love with football? Would you like to watch as much football as possible? Do you have a favorite team that is playing in the Champions League, or maybe in the Europe League or in the Europe Confederations League? Is the match starting in a few minutes? Is it possible to watch these matches online? In this illustrated guide, I will show you how you can watch the Champions League, the Europa League, and the Europa Conference League online on the American streaming service Paramount+.

Just before you continue, if you follow these instructions, you will also be able to watch Serie A, MLS, MLX, and football from several other leagues worldwide online. That is just a bonus! But, how does this work? Is it expensive?

To be honest, the method that I am about to describe to you is very cheap, considering that you can watch high-quality live streams with English-speaking commentators online. The price for Paramount+ is only $5 per month, and for this price, you can also stream lots of fantastic TV series and movies, in addition to hundreds of matches from the Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League, Serie A, and so much more.

Are you eager to give it a try? Let us get started!

This article was originally written in 2021, but the instructions are fully working right now as well! In other words, follow these instructions to stream all the fantastic football on Paramount+ right now!

Watch football online on Paramount+

The first thing you will notice if you visit the Paramount+ website is that it is blocked to people outside the United States.

As you visit the website, you will immediately be sent to the “international” version of the website, something you can see based on the URL in the image above. This is because Paramount+ is a streaming service only available in the United States, and thus, they show different content to the people visiting the website outside the United States.

What can you do to fix this? It is very easy, and the best solution is to use the VPN services of either ExpressVPN or SurfsharkVPN.

Use the links above to get an extra discount on the mentioned services. If you click the ExpressVPN link and purchase a 12-month subscription, you will get three additional months for free. If you click the SurfsharkVPN link, you will get 24 months for the price of 12.

SurfsharkVPN is a little bit cheaper than ExpressVPN, but they are both fantastic VPN services that will help you watch the content on Paramount+ and other streaming services like PeacockTV (which is brilliant for watching the Premier League online), DisneyPlus, Netflix, and other streaming services online. They both have 30-day refund policies, meaning that you can ask for a full refund in case you don’t want to use the service or if you do not like it.

1. First we connect to a VPN server in the United States

Here I will show you how it is done with ExpressVPN. After you purchase a subscription, download their VPN client and connect to a server in the United States.

expressvpn paramount+

Here you can see that I am connected to an ExpressVPN server in the United States. This will give me an American IP address, and I am now ready to proceed to the next step.

2. Visit the Paramount+ website once again.

Now you are ready to visit the Paramount+ website once again. You should restart your browser and visit once again. You will no longer see the international version of the website, but instead, you will see a screen looking something like this. If you still see the international version, try connecting to a different VPN server in the USA, or open your browser in incognito mode.

paramount+ abroad

I am now invited to sign up for the streaming service since Paramount+ believes that I am located in the United States.

3. It is time to get a Paramount+ subscription

Now we are at the third step, which might be more complicated than you think, but if you follow these instructions, it is still very easy! They have a 7-day free trial available, so go ahead and give it a try. You will now have to create a Paramount+ account. Make sure to register with a ZIP code in the United States. To make it all easier, I would recommend that you register a free account with Shipito. This will give you a real postal address in the USA that can be used to forward packages to other countries, but you do not need to use that feature at all. As you register an account with Shipito, you will get your own address in the USA within one minute, and you can then use that ZIP code during the registration process.

After you have filled in this information, you will have to add your payment details (even though you will not pay anything before your seven-day trial is finished). The payment page will look something like this.

paramountplus visa paypal mastercard

This might look very easy, but this is when it is about to get a bit complicated. Do you know why? Paramount+ requires your payment card or your PayPal account to be registered in the United States for the payment to be processed. If you try to pay for Paramount+ with a bank card issued outside the United States, you will only receive an error message. What can you do about this? It is actually very easy!

If you know someone with an American payment card, just ask them for help, and you are already ready to watch the Champions League and other football on Paramount+. If you would like to fix the issue yourself, do the following.

4. This is how you can pay for Paramount+

There is a very easy way to pay for Paramount+ and that is using the services of USUnlocked. This is a company that will give you a virtual payment card issued in the United States. It works perfectly with Paramount+, PeacockTV, Amazon, HBO Max, and other services requiring a payment card issued in the USA as well.

Click the link above to visit the USUnlocked website, register an account, and add funds to your newly created account. When your first deposit arrives, you will at once be able to see the credentials of your payment card, and you can use that information to pay for your Paramount+ account.

paramount+ visa mastercard paypal

The website might not be the best-looking website on the World Wide Web, but I have been using the service for several years, and it is working very well! Go ahead, deposit some funds to your USUnlocked account, and you will then be in possession of a payment card that you can use to pay for American services at once.

5. Time to stream the Champions League, Europa League, and the Europa Conference League online!

You are now ready to watch hours of fantastic football online on Paramount+. Not only are you able to watch live streams from hundreds of matches, but you can also watch replays of matches that you didn’t get to watch live.

uefa super cup on paramountplus

You can also watch other special matches on Paramount+, like the UEFA Super Cup final in 2021 that was played between Chelsea and Villarreal. Below you can see an image of my list of favorite content on Paramount+.

europe league, europe confederations league, serie a, champions league

Are you ready to give it a try? I mentioned it earlier in the article as well, but now you can use exactly the same method to watch the Premier League online on PeacockTV, another fantastic streaming service in the United States. Isn’t that just very cool?

I have now given you detailed and illustrated instructions, showing you how you can watch all your favorite international football competitions online on Paramount+ in the United States. I hope you have enjoyed the instructions and that you will have a wonderful time cheering for your favorite teams in the different competitions. Maybe you cheer for Manchester City, or for Manchester United, or maybe you would like to watch an Ajax match, or maybe a match with PSG, Lyon, or with Barcelona? Follow these instructions, and you will be ready to stream the matches of your favorite teams in not so long.

If you have any comments or questions, please use the comment field below and I will do my best to help you and to answer your questions!

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