Why do I see the message “Invalid Token” as I try to pay for Paramount+ or watch content on the platform?

Paramount+ is a fantastic streaming service. I like it for many reasons, but my main motivation for using the streaming service are the live football matches airing on the platform (Champions League, Serie A, Europa League, and more). But, there are many people who want to pay for Paramount+ and who desire to use the service who get an error message saying “Invalid Token” while paying for the service or as they try to stream content. What is causing this error? What can be done about it?

We have earlier written several articles in our IP Address Guide about Paramount+. The main articles deal with how you can watch Paramount+ abroad and how to pay for Paramount+ without an American payment card. In this article, we want to zoom in on the problem some people meet, even though they have followed our instructions in those articles… the “Invalid token” error message.

What is causing the “Invalid Token” error message?

This error message shows up because you are using an IP address that is blocked by Paramount+. It isn’t enough to have a valid payment card issued in the United States. You need to be located in the United States, or at least use a VPN provider with VPN servers in the United States that aren’t blocked by the service.

A few days ago, I wanted to pay for my Paramount+ subscription. I am a big fan of the VPN provider NordVPN as it is both cheap and fast. First I connected to a random server in the United States, but as I tried to pay for my subscription, I got the “Invalid Token” error message. What did I do? I didn’t connect to a random server, but instead, I connected to a server in a specific city. I first tried connecting to a server in Chicago.

invalid token paramount+

I reloaded my browser and went to the Paramount+ website again. On my first attempt, I was able to pay for Paramount+ and later stream all the content on the platform. If it wouldn’t have worked during my first attempt, I would just continue and try with other servers instead.

In other words, you must use a VPN service with servers in the United States that aren’t blocked by Paramount+.

There are two VPN providers I can guarantee will fulfill these requirements, ExpressVPN and NordVPN. You don’t need to worry, as they both have 30-day money-back guarantees. If you try any of them but still get the “Invalid Token” error message all the time, cancel your subscription and you will get all your money in return.

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