How to watch Ferencvaros – Juventus online?

Do you think a Hungarian team can create trouble for Juventus and Ronaldo? Ferencvaros will play against Juventus in the Champions League on November 4th, with the return match in Torino on November 24th. Would you like to watch both matches online? You can easily stream both matches between Ferencvaros and Juventus online if you follow these instructions!

Ferencvaros is the best Hungarian football team at the moment, and even though it hasn’t got any big international stars, they have still performed quite well in Europe this year. During the qualification stage, the team managed to beat both Celtic and Dinamo Zagreb! But, it will be something completely different to play against Juventus. Do they stand a chance against the Italian champion?

ferencvaros vs juventus

If you want to watch Ferencvaros – Juventus online, this is what you need to do!

Watch Juventus – Ferencvaros online

Both matches between Ferencvaros and Juventus in the Champions League in 2020 can be seen on the Hungarian TV channel M4. This is a completely free channel, and the only requirement is that you need to be in Hungary to watch the live stream of the matches. If you live outside Hungary, this is what you need to do!

  • Purchase a VPN subscription to NordVPN or ExpressVPN (click the buttons below).
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  • Download the VPN client and connect to a server in Hungary

A VPN will help you change your IP address. This can be used to bypass geo-blocks, which again will let you stream TV channels available in certain countries elsewhere. NordVPN and ExpressVPN are some of the best VPN services available, which means that these can actually help you watch Netflix content in several countries in addition! As you connect to a server in Hungary, you will get a Hungarian IP address, which will let you watch all the content on M4 in Hungary, no matter where you are in the world.

  • Visit and choose M4

Now it is time to visit the website where you can watch the live stream of the matches online! You will find the live stream link in the upper right corner of the mentioned website!

  • Watch Juventus – Ferencvaros online!

I hope the Hungarian team will win, but I have my doubts!

The Hungarian channel will show every single Ferencvaros match from the Champions League in 2020. As a result, you can also stream the match between Ferencvaros and Barcelona on December 2nd, and the match between Ferencvaros and Dinamo Kiev on December 8th in this way. On the Champions League days when Ferencvaros does not play, the channel will always show the match they consider to be the best and most interesting instead!

In other words, this method is brilliant and will let you stream Champions League football all the way to the final!

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