How to watch March Madness online?

NCAA March Madness onlineIt is time for March Madness again, and this is one of the hottest sports events of the year, especially for those who are into basketball. In 2015 March Madness will be arranged between March 17th and April 6th, and if you want to watch the action online then this is what you can do!

First of all you need to know that March Madness is broadcasted on four different channels in the USA, each requiring that you have an American IP address. The four channels broadcasting from the NCAA March Madness are TruTV, TBS, TNT and CBS. The three first channels require you to have a local TV subscription which is not very practical, but CBS is the ideal option, because they allow you to get an online subscription, which again will let you watch March Madness online. That is why you should do the following if you want to watch the March Madness 2015 online!

For your information, if you try to watch the March Madness online without an American IP address, you will get an error message looking something like the following message!

geoblocking March Madness

Watch March Madness online!

First of all we recommend you to visit the IPVanish website to sign up for their VPN services. Read more about IPVanish in our IPVanish review.
When you have done that you download their application and connect to a server in the United States. This will give you an American IP address and when you have gotten your new IP address in the States, then you should visit the website of one of the four channels broadcasting the March Madness online (we recommend CBS), and you follow their instructions and you are ready to watch March Madness online.

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