The Cricket World Cup 2015 soon to end

Cricket World Cup fixturesThe world has turned its eyes towards Australia and New Zealand since the middle of February, because that is the location of the Cricket World Cup 2015. This has been a really big event with millions of people watching online and on their televisions.

Now as the group matches are soon the be finished things are starting to clear up, as we already know quite some teams that will leave Australia and New Zealand after their last matches, while group B still has some tensity to it, as Ireland and the West Indies fight for the right to be there in the knockout stage of the Cricket World Cup.

We have already written an article on how to watch the Cricket World Cup 2015 online, so if you want to watch the rest of the matches, and especially pay attention as the knockout stage of the tournament starts, then you better read that article, or at least visit where you will find lots of information on how to watch the Cricket World Cup online.

Based on the results so far India seems to be going really strong, but they are not alone on that, because New Zealand in group A also stands with five victories of five possible so far. In addition teams such as Australia, Pakistan, South Africa and Bangladesh can do quite some big matches, so everything is open and you have all reasons to keep on watching as the Cricket World Cup closes in towards its end and the final which will be played on March 29th on the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Which team and nation do we believe will win the tournament? If we have to guess, then India are our favorites, but anything can happen, and tournament is a tournament, so what would be really cool is if a nation like Bangladesh would go ahead and surprise us all! March 29th will give us the answer, until then we just watch online and enjoy every watch… after all, what will we do when the Cricket World Cup is finished?

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