How to watch SonyLIV outside India?

SonyLIV is an amazing service in India and it is ideal for those who want to stream a combination of amazing TV shows, great movies, lots of sports, and also a great deal of native content from India. But, what can you do about the geographical error message you get if you try to watch SonyLIV outside India? How can you stream SonyLIV abroad? How you can subscribe to the Premium package outside India? In this article, we will answer all those questions!

I just wanted to watch a Champions League match on SonyLIV in India, but I quickly discovered that I needed to do a few hacks in order for me to succeed on my mission. At first, I was greeted to the SonyLIV website with the following error message.

SonyLIV is not available in your geography
SonyLIV is not available in your geography

When you see the error message above you immediately get a couple of questions.

  • What can I do to get rid of the message?
  • How does the SonyLIV website know that I am outside India?
  • Who is the guy that wrote that crappy sentence exchanging the word geography with location (or some other more suitable word)?

Well, I will try to answer the first two questions in this article.

How to watch SonyLIV abroad?

If you want to watch SonyLIV outside India, you will need to get an Indian IP address. Whenever you visit the SonyLIV website, they will check your IP address, and if they see that you are located outside India, you will get the mentioned error message. Now, it is quite easy to get an Indian IP address, but it is important to notice that it isn’t enough just to get an Indian IP address. Beneath we have used the VPN services of ExpressVPN, IPVanish and several others, but look what kind of message we get as we try to watch an actual program.

I still get the error message about watching SonyLIV outside India when using a VPN.
I still get the error message about watching SonyLIV outside India when using a VPN.

Can you see it? Using a VPN with an Indian IP address might get you to the actual SonyLIV website, but you might still see the error message as you try to watch certain programs, movies, and sports events on SonyLIV. So, which VPN service will make you able to bypass these error messages, and not only give you access to the website, but access to the live streams and all the programs available on the SonyLIV website?

A VPN that works with SonyLIV

If you want to use a VPN that will give you access to the SonyLIV website and all the content available, you will have to sign up for the services of PureVPN. This is one of the leading VPN providers on the market, and they have an awesome 31-day money back guarantee. Not only will they give you your money back, but they also give you great value for your money, as you can use one single subscription at 5 different devices at the same time.

Click the link above to get to the PureVPN website. There you can see their prices and give their VPN services a try. The cheapest packages are those for 12 months (or longer), but feel free to sign up for 1 month first, and then keep the subscription running later if you like the product.

You can use PureVPN to bypass lots of other streaming services worldwide as well. Not only can you use PureVPN to watch Hotstar outside India, but you can also use PureVPN to watch BBC outside England, American Netflix worldwide, to watch Hulu, NBC, CBS All Access and so much more.

How to stream SonyLIV abroad on Windows/Macintosh – Step by Step

  • Visit the PureVPN website and sign up for their services.
  • Download the PureVPN application to your computer/device.
  • Install the application, open it and connect to a server in India.
  • You now have an Indian IP address that works with SonyLIV and you can stream all your favorite content.

It doesn’t sound very hard, does it?

Watch SonyLIV outside India on Android systems

If you want to watch SonyLIV outside India on an Android system you will need to install the PureVPN application on your Android device. That is very easy and you can find it in the Google Play Store. But, you will also need to install the SonyLIV application. This can most likely be found in your local Google Play Store as well, if not, download the APK file manually and install it on your system.

Once you have both applications available, connect to a server in India with PureVPN, and after that, open the SonyLIV application and start streaming!

Watching Champions League football at SonyLIV on my Android device
Watching Champions League football at SonyLIV on my Android device

If you try to run the SonyLIV application on your mobile device (Android, iOS) outside India, you will see a similar error message telling you that SonyLIV cannot be streamed at your current location.

Watch SonyLIV outside India on iOS systems

For those who own an Apple iPhone or an iPad, you will for sure want to stream SonyLIV on your amazing Apple product. But, how can it be done? Once again you will have to download the PureVPN application from the Apple Store. Do a quick search for the SonyLIV application as well. If you find it, download it and install it, if not, you will have to create a new Apple ID with an Indian address, and use this to get access tot he Indian Apple Store where you can download the SonyLIV application. For more information on how you can create a new Apple ID, click the link. The article is about how you can create an American Apple ID, but you can use exactly the same instructions to get an Indian Apple ID.

Once you have the SonyLIV application and the PureVPN application ready, connect to an Indian server with PureVPN and run the SonyLIV application. You can now watch SonyLIV on iOS systems abroad.

I am watching the Euro 2020 qualifiers on SonyLIV outside India
I am watching the Euro 2020 qualifiers on SonyLIV outside India

How to create a user at the SonyLIV website?

It is quite easy to register at the SonyLIV website and you should be able to do so using your Facebook profile, cell phone number or your Google+ profile. I had some trouble myself during the registration process, so the website didn’t really react as I used the confirmation code I got to my phone (using SMS). I did a couple of tests with different cell phone numbers in different countries (using a free SMS receiver service), and in the end, I succeeded. Hopefully, it will be even easier for you.

You do not really need to create a user in the first place, but if you want to have a Premium package, you will need to create a user first. But, how can you sign up for the Premium package? How can you pay for the Premium package?

How to create a user at the SonyLIV website?

Unfortunately, SonyLIV is now limited to users with a cell phone number available in India. As a result, you will not be able to register a SonyLIV account unless you have a local number in India. That might sound easy to fix with free SMS services online, but the problem is that all cell phone numbers in India have to be registered with a real name, address and so on, and thus you will not find free “receive SMS websites with Indian numbers” online. As a result, we do not have a working method that will help you actually CREATE a user at the SonyLIV website abroad, unless you already have an account, or know someone who can help you with an Indian cell phone number available.

How to pay for the SonyLIV premium package?

Lots of people have trouble paying for the Hotstar Premium Package, and the same things is true for those who want to pay for SonyLIV Premium package. How can it be done? If you have an Indian payment card it shouldn’t be hard, but if you do not have one, what can you do then?

The solution is to create your SonyLIV account, and then visit the following GIG on Fiverr and make this person purchase the subscription instead of you. I have done it myself and it works perfectly, and I have also used this to pay for my Hotstar Premium package.

You should try with your own payment card first, but if it doesn’t work, use the following method and you will for sure succeed.

What can you stream on SonyLIV?

There are lots of programs available on SonyLIV. Some of them will require a Premium subscription, while others can be enjoyed for free. You can, for example, watch The Handmaid’s Tale on SonyLIV and quite a lot of other Hulu original series. There are a lot of movies available, and it is perfect for those who want to watch Champions League online, Europe League online, Nations League online, or the Euro 2020 qualifiers online. These are just some out of many things you can watch online on SonyLIV.

Do you need help watching SonyLIV outside India?

If you have any comments or questions, write a comment and I will do my best to help you out! Thank you for reading and enjoy watching SonyLIV online!

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    This is a very useful guide. Would you be able to throw some more light why it would only work with PureVPN and not with other VPN services ?

    • Thomas Stein says:

      simply because I have tried lots of VPN services, and they do not work with SonyLIV. But, last time I tried streaming using PureVPN, it worked very well, and that is why I recommend them 🙂

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